Viet Cong Self Titled




I’m pretty sure this, Carrie and Lowell { Sufjan Stevens }, To Pimp A Butterfly{ Kendrick Lamar }and Hades {My Dead Girlfriend} are the best albums of the year. (EDIT: THIS IS WRONG)

I’ve played this album three times today, that’s how good it is.

The songs in this album reminds me of Interpol (or maybe Joy Division) and Sonic Youth, its probably because of the singer’s deep voice.  I’m pretty sure there are no bad songs in the album (apart from the first one, which is kinda meh).

The best songs in the album are Continental Shelf and Death (A new Marquee Moon??)        Something that I really like from this album is the ambient, it’s got this noisy  sound but it always seems like something is missing, it’s got this melancholic, sad but uplifting atmosphere. It’s like Robert Smith started a post-punk band (The Cure aren’t really post-punk, aren’t they?)

That sounded really stupid

There isn’t really so much to say about this album, it’s good and everybody who’s into post-punk or like some good ol’ alternative rock should listen to it.

Rock is not dead, i guess

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