Richard D. James Album by Aphex Twin



This album was made by the most classic IDM artist, Aphex Twin (Richard D. James is his real name, yeah, he named the album after himself) It was obviously released by Warp Records, the record label that publishes pretty much all the good electronic albums.

So here is the tracklist and the songs rated:

  1. 4    9/10   (this was actually the first AT song i listened to in my life, i was amazed) I really love the snares in this song and the synth in 1:30 (the one that goes like a light beep)
  2. Cornish Acid    7/10  This may sound really cliché and cheesy but this is like, hacker music. Whenever i listen to it i think of the matrix (wow that was cringeworthy)
  3. Peek 824545201 (did i spell it right?)    8/10  NICE SONG
  4. Fingerbib    9/10 Reminds me of Kraftwerk, that is indeed, a good thing. I also love the synth thing that begins around 0:35  I THINK THIS IS THE BEST SONG IN THE ALBUM
  5. Carn Marth    8.5/10 nice intro, love the snares and the trumpets. i really love this song, trumpets are my musical fetish.
  6. To Cure A Weakling Child    7/10 it was alright i guess
  7. Goon Gumpas    10/10 Words can’t express how much i love this song, is it the bass? is it the nice melody at 01:16? No idea, I just now this really is the best song in the album (so far, im writing this as i listen to the album)
  8. Yellow Calx    10/10 WAY, IT’S ANOTHER 10/10 SONG I CANT BELIEVE THIS ALBUM, I FORGOT HOW GREAT IT WAS. There is something nostalgic about this song, but I can’t quite describe it
  9. Girl/Boy Song    10/10 no way, this album isn’t music. this is post-music, THIS IS SO GOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH (03:51 is one of the best moments in the album)
  10. Logan Rock Witch    7/10 I really love the melody at 0:47, this song is ok, but it kinda ruined the mood and isn’t such a good closer. This song probably took days to make, just listen to all those samples!I can’t help but feel that , but I guess that’s just my opinion. There are no bad songs in this album though, it really is something rare with IDM albums, this may sound like i have a shitty taste but i usually find IDM kinda frustating, i don’t know, it just puts me in a bad mood. I really like IDM tho, so I don’t know why that happens. This album was incredibly enjoyable.I would give this album a 8.8/10, if you haven’t listened to this album yet, you really should. The best songs (in my opinion) were: 4, Fingerbib, Goon Gumpas, Yellow Calx and Girl/Boy Song. I could listen to this album pretty much everyday (not all day tho)

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