Dirt by Alice In Chains



Alice In Chains are probably the best grunge band (along with Soundgarden)

I’ve got the feeling this is gonna be pretty inflated that means that most songs will have 8 or more).

  1. Them Bones    8/10 Good opener, fills the album with energy and you expect more songs like this. The chorus is pretty smug.
  2. Dam That River    7/10 the first time i listened to this i hated it, no idea why (its probably the chorus, it reminds me of Metallica for a reason) But this is in fact really good.
  3. Rain When I Die    9/10 holy shit, this song sums up Alice In Chains, from the vocals in the intro to the guitar riff in the chorus.
  4. Sickman    7/10 kinda cheesy at first, but gets really good later. GETS REALLY GOOD AT 2:50
  5. Rooster    6/10 nice bass, but apart from that, it isn’t that much of a killer song
  6. Junkhead    7/10 its ok, nice guitar at 03:00
  7. Dirt    6/10 i like the smug guitar, but thats pretty much it
  8. God Smack    7/10 nice drums on chorus, i cant believe this CD doesnt have the iron man cover (that was supossed to play now)
  10. Hate To Feel    6/10 back to more filler songs, ugh
  11. Angry Chair    6/10 more filler with dumb lyrics (HOW CAN A CHAIR BE ANGRY)
  12. Down In A Hole    8/10 Nice intro, nice bass, nice song.
  13. Would?    10/10 THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST SONG I’VE HEARD, THE CHORUS IS SO FUCKING GOOD, it’s kinda nostalgic you know? It gives me good vibes

Anyways, I don’t remember this album having this much filler. (EDIT: THIS IS WRONG, I LISTENED TO IT AGAIN YESTEDAY AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE) I guess everything loses its glow after you’ve listened to Jar Of Flies (their best) (EDIT: This is still true though)

This album is a 7,4/10

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