Discovery by Daft Punk


This is the last “old” review

This was the first album that I buyed (not asked for, but actually buyed on my own, with my “hard” earned money) This album is pretty damn good and it brings back memories. It was released year 2002, I think.

  1. One More Time    7/10 The hit! The banger! Everyones favourite song!
  2. Aerodynamic    8/10 One would think that this is a hardcore song on the guitar but it’s actually pretty easy, no need to move your fingers so fast if you are playing the air guitar. Good bass too.
  3. Digital Love    6/10 I’ve never liked this song that much, it’s kinda cheesy, but it has one of the best moments of the album, at 02:15. The outro is also good
  4. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger    7/10 This used to be one of my favourite songs, sadly, I listened to it way too much.
  5. Crescendolls    8/10 THE SAMPLES, BLESS THEM
  6. Nightvision    5/10 When I was young i always skipped this song because i thought it was too boring, not much has changed since then. It reminds me of Air but this is actually even worse.
  7. Superheroes    9/10 This is my jam, makes you bob your head like an idiot.
  8. High Life    9/10 Same as last song, with a touch of Crescendolls (AKA heavy sampling)
  9. Something About Us    7/10 Another cheesy song with a nice bass, that’s kinda cliché isn’t it? I like when whoever is singing sings ”The right one” and as he does, all the instruments stop playing, that’s pretty neat.
  10. Voyager    8/10 Man, why does Daft Punk always have such satisfying basslines? (EDIT: MAYBE BECAUSE IT’S MADE TO DANCE TO????)
  11. Veridis Quo    7/10 More cheesy songs.
  12. Short Circuit    8.5/10 Flawless song.
  13. Face To Face    10/10 This is their best song, i’m serious. I used to listen to this song on repeat when i was 11 years old.
  14. Too Long    7/10 Song name says it all. I really like the vocals though.


This album is ok, not a classic (edit: uhhh yes it is???) and not their best, but it was still good

It’s definitely a 7,6/10

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