Parachutes by Coldplay



This is Coldplay’s debut album, and the last good album they released (they later sold out even more than they already had) It was released year 2000 i think? It’s really a pity that they decided to become poppier, because this album is really good and they should have kept this sound.(Actually, they kind of kept the sound but it was far more pop oriented) The cover is pretty ugly when you can see it all so i chose this one, the darker, cooler and better one.

  1. Don’t Panic    9/10 As far as I remember, this is the best song in the album.
  2. Shiver    8/10 Reminds me of Jeff Buckley (which is a good thing)
  3. Spies    8.5/10 Outro is great, it makes it also the second best song in this album.
  4. Sparks    8/10 Neat bass! I also like how Chris Martin is singing in this song.
  5. Yellow    7.5/10 Good instrumentation, cheesy lyrics tho. Wasn’t this the hit?
  6. Trouble    8/10 Comfy as hell, sounds a lot like Yellow, but better.
  7. Parachutes    8/10
  8. High Speed    7/10 That was fine
  9. We Never Change    8/10 Another comfy song, that is good.
  10. Everything’s Not Lost    7.8/10 Strong closer, good guitar and bass
  11. Bonus song????    9/10 I didn’t remember there was an extra song, that was the comfiest song in the album

This is probably the comfiest album of the 2000s, man, I could listen to it again. (EDIT: I did)                                It is definitely a 8/10, really good album

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