Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop


I’m just gonna be honest and say it. I am not a huge fan of Iggy Pop’s solo works, in my opinion The Stooges are so much better than just Iggy. But that is just my opinion

The album cover is alright, I haven’t listened to it yet but i’m pretty hyped since Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age is in here, and you probably don’t know how much I like QOTSA. When Iggy dies, Josh will be the only true “rock star” alive. Just look up images of him and tell me that he doesn’t look like a rock star (you can’t)


Anyways, i’m gonna listen to it now.

  1. Break Into Your Heart     8/10 This song has some heavy “Like Clockwork” vibes (QOTSA’s latest album, which sounds a lot like this song, apart that, well, it doesn’t have Iggy Pop in it) The chorus is a little dissapointing, but the whole song is damn good. The lyrics are a little repetitive, I mean, come on, we got that you’re gonna break into our heart. I CAN’T WAIT FOR GARDENIA.
  2. Gardenia     6/10 Oh god… This is NOT a Kyuss cover, man i’m dissapointed. I can’t concentrate too much in the song, i’m waaaay too dissapointed. I feel betrayed. The chorus is nice though. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t much to expect because it isn’t just a Kyuss song, it’s a flower species (I did not know this until I googled Gardenia) The outro is pretty nice.
  3. American Valhalla     8/10 Cool intro, I really like it. Man, I don’t know why but the way he sings reminds me of Bowie, is he trying to sound like him? Pretty nice bass, even if it’s like, three notes. This song is at least better than Gardenia. IN THE END, WHERE HE SAYS IT’S NOTHING BUT MY NAME, HE SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE VOICE FROM TUTTI FRUTTI BY NEW ORDER, I THINK IT’S HIM. I’M GONNA GOOGLE IT. Ok, Iggy Pop was in the album but not in this song??? I think it’s uncredited.
  4. In The Lobby     7/10 Again, nice intro. It’s ok
  5. Sunday     9/10 Man, the bass in this album is awesome, really groovy. This song is pretty cool, reminds me of his solo album “The Idiot”, but with a badass touch (THANK YOU JOSH HOMME) This is so far the best song in the album, nice change of direction in the last two minutes.
  6. Vulture     9/10 Kinda cheesy intro, but Iggy’s voice sounds extremely cool in this song, and the electric guitars suddenly popping up around minute 1 reminds me of QOTSA, a lot. Man, Josh sure made this album better.
  7. German Days     9/10 THE GUITAR SOUNDS SO GOOD AND SO DOES THE BASS IN THIS SONG, NICE. The drums are ok, nothing out of this world. Nice chorus too. THIS SONG IS REALLY GOOD WOW
  8. Chocolate Drops     9/10 Man, this album really got better. It reminds me of AM by Arctic Monkeys (or just Arctic Monkeys self titled?)
  9. Paraguay     8/10 It works as a closer, but it isn’t anything out of this world. Last three minutes are kick ass.

This album started pretty tame, I didn’t really like it to be honest, but the last four songs are obviously one of the best songs Iggy has made this century. I really hope he does more things that sound like those songs. Maybe more collaborations with my man Josh Homme?

This is one of the best examples of an 8/10 album, I really liked it and I would gladly listen to it again (or at least the last four songs)

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