Black Tambourine – Throw Aggi Off the Bridge


Black Tambourine was a short lived noise pop/twee pop band from Washington that only released nine songs and played four shows from 1988 to 1992. All their nine songs can be found in their two EPs (I plan on listening to them all). Throw Aggi Off The Bridge is their most famous release.

The EP kicks off with the song Throw Aggi Off The Bridge, a really noisy track that predicted how shoegaze would sound in the years to come. It has this really fuzzy feeling and an incredible bass line. The vocals sound like something that would be released by a bedroom Bandcamp project. This song is incredible, really twee pop. Let’s not forget the almost jangle pop guitar of this track.

For Ex-Lovers Only, the second song, is jet another twee pop/noise pop hybrid, but this time, it sounds much more like shoegaze. The vocals of the song are really good. I want to see these guys live, I wish I had a time machine.  The outro of the song is really noisy, I like that.

Can’t Explain, the last track, is the noisiest song of them all in the EP. But it still manages to have this indie feeling, you know? Maybe Black Tambourine are really influencial and all the Twee Pop acts listened to them. The chord progression in this track is really comfy and like in all tracks, the bass doesn’t dissapoint.

Vocals: 8

Instrumentation: 9,5

Originality: 7,8

LYRICS:  7,3



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