Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed


I finally found it. The holy grail. The thing that I’ve been searching for years. You know what it is. AN ALBUM THAT SOUNDS LIKE EARLY WEEZER!!

Pure, raw, power pop with cheesy guitar solos, can it get better? My only problem with this album is that it’s way too short! 11 minutes?? C’mon, I want 40 minutes + of music that sounds like this. I want 100 albums like this.

It feels like this album combines the sound of Pinkerton, but with even catchier melodies. If you’re Tony Molina and you’re reading this, I want to say that I’m so sorry for comparing your work so much to Weezer, you must be sick of everyone doing that comparison. It’s just that I love Weezer and I love this album too.

Something that I really like in this album is the lo-fi production, which adds this noise pop feeling to the album. Overall, it’s a very fun album with LOADS of guitar solos that remind me of hair metal. It’s not a bad thing, you know?

BEST TRACKS: Change My Ways (it reminds me of Dinosaur JR!), Nothing I Can Do, See Me Through, Don’t Come Back, The Way Things Are and Walk Away. I mean the whole album KICKS ASS!


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