The three (or four?) songs that make me want to punch a cat and burn down a church – A List


God fucking dammit, everytime I hear WHO LET THE DOGS OUT I want to punch stuff. I have never heard a song more annoying that this one. Atleast they don’t play it as often as other ANNOYING songs that may be in this list, but god it’s such a stupid song! The Baha Men are so much of a one hit wonder band that they have FIVE versions of this song. I’m not kidding.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 at 10.19.17

“Barking Mad Mix Extended”

What is this shit? Who would buy a two sided version of Who Let The Dogs Out? Why? That vinyl could have been used for something better, like a Boredoms record. I have listened to this song so many times against my will, it’s terrifying.




Screenshot 2016-04-25 at 10.23.56

why would you listen to a zulu scratch a cappella version?

Yes, I know. I used to love these songs as a little kid. But just like WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, these songs have been overplayed to the point of feeling hatred for them. These songs are just… Lame? They feel empty. I had a teacher who loved Queen, he always talked about them and he even made us analyse the text for We Are The Champions and that was the moment that I realized that it was a horrible song. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE R THE CHAMPIONS MUH FRIENDSSSSS. Also I have a video of myself singing We Will Rock You in Engrish when I was like 6.


Who cares about the band that made this monstruosity? Just another song played more times than I have blinked.


Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 16.59.16.pnggod please no.


Melt EP by Magic Potion


This EP was released in the first of June, 2015. I’m going to review it because I just found them in the Record Store Day promotional CD and I fell in love with their comfyness. There is actually merch for this EP, or at least a shirt. It looks great.


I would buy this

The album EP is also out in cassette, and it’s fabulous


This is my aesthetic dude

Anyways, I’m ready to get covered by a blanket of comfyness.

The first song is “1995” which has some Frankie Cosmos vibes going (it’s probably the bass’s fault). God this is comfy. I just can’t write, this is too good. So quickly said, this is extremely comfy and SO GOOD. It also reminds me a little of The Unicorns, is it because it is kind of lo-fi/indie? Who knows dude.

Then begins “Deep Web” which I can’t help but think it’s a shameless Mac Demarco rip-off, I think it’s the guitar’s fault. They just sound too much like anything Demarco has made. The vocals are hella comfy though. They remind me a little of the Adventure Time ending song, but you know, better. 

“Booored” begins with a guitar riff that sounds like a song I’ve made (not that I mind, but I think it’s exactly the same riff) The vocals seems a little different from last song, they’re just not as good. That does not make it a  bad song. My favourite part from this song has to be 01:25, I just really dig it. Yeah, it’s a good song, just not as good as the last one.

Finally comes “Neon Fruit”, which is the last song from this incredible EP. The bass in this song is just incredibly comfy. The drums, even if minimal at some points, are damn good. I have nothing to say about this song since it would sound a lot like the last three songs. 01:24 is just magnificent, those kinds of vocals hit the spot for me.


This has to be a 8,7/10 from me. This band has talent and it shows. I just wish the EP would have been an album (so I could have gotten more songs to chill to) But yeah, this is overall a great EP worth remembering. Comfiest EP ever dude.

Death Grips – Interview 2016


Listen to it here

Death Grips’ latest instrumental EP wasn’t exactly what I expected.  It is REALLY chaotic, if I could say it like that. I didn’t expect it to be full blown glitch. But the glitch gives this EP a futuristic feeling. Like it would belong in a cyberpunk movie or something.


  1. Interview Track 2
  2. Interview Track 1
  3. Interview Track 5
  4. Interview Track 6
  5. Interview Track 3
  6. Interview Track 4

Overall, this overly mechanic, manic, chaotic piece of music is an alright experience, byt really forgettable. I found myself air drumming to some parts like in track 2. But it (the EP) feels a little bit rushed? Anyways, everytime that Death Grips release an instrumental EP, the new album is around the corner. So I won’t lose my hope for Bottomless Pit.



Record Store Day free CD


So, in Record Store Day, I bought a couple of vinyl records and in the buy, I got this free promotional CD. Since it was released in Record Store Day, I think a lot of people have listened to this CD (at least in Sweden)

It supposedly is from seven independent Swedish record labels. Just the idea sounds pretty cool, I just hope the music is alright.

I do not know what to expect, so wish me luck.

  1. “Vial Of Dreams” by Red Cell     8/10 Oh shit, it’s synth pop revival. This song is alright. Pretty strong chorus, it reminds me of Depeche Mode (guess why) Also, the synths in the chorus remind me of “Computerleibe”by Kraftwerk
  2. “Boys Will Be Boys” by Arre! Arre!     9/10 Nice intro, the vocals are pretty good. Actually, this isn’t bad at all. I expected it to suck for some reason but boy I was wrong. God, this song is so damn good. So, this song is about trans people I guess? Nice.
  3. “Vissa Nätter” by Jonas Lundqvist     7.8/10 I can’t help but think of Håkan when he goes “papapapaaa”. This song is ok, it sadly feels a little bland after the last two songs. It’s still pretty nice, specially drums.
  4. “Tvillingbror” by Kent Norberg     6/10 uh. Now, let me get this straight. The instrumentation is good and it’s clear that they all have got talent. But god this song isn’t exactly of my taste. It’s kinda like a country ballad with some cool sounding guitars.
  5. “Det Som Följer” by Dödens Dal     8/10 Yes. More synthy stuff, I love it. This song is instrumental, and speaking of instruments, they’re damn good. It reminds me of a song I listened to in a “public access channel”. I like the guitar at literally the last 5 seconds
  6. “Aldrig Mer” by NEJ     6/10 The intro is pretty damn good, it reminds me of Viet Cong (or whatever their name is now) But when the vocals kicks in the song goes downhill. So yeah, weak, irritating, ear-piercing vocals. Who produced this shit? They’re too loud (the vocals, that is. Everything else is top-notch) Man, at least the band name goes with the song. NEJ. I would give this song a 4/10 but the instruments are just way too good.
  7. “Deep Web” by Magic Potion     10/10 Now this is what I call comfy! I expected Mac Demarco to start singing, but I got an even comfier voice! This is so good!! You know what? I might add this band to my “need to listen” list. This is just way too good. I will review their new album when it comes out. God that was comfy.
  8. “Blood Satisfaction” by Haul     9/10 Really post-punkish intro, when the vocals kick in, it actually gets pretty nice? It’s kinda like NEJ, but done well. The synths are a little cheesy at times, but if I ignore them they just disappear. So yeah, I really dig the vocals, remind me of Danzig’s voice, but darker and cooler. That was awesome.
  9. “Selasi” by Sekel     10/10 What? What? WHAT? THIS IS SO GOOD HOLY SHIT. WHAT’S EVEN GOING ON???AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! This is exactly how all music should sound, they’re just perfect. I think this has to be the best Swedish song of the year (or maybe not, I’m still waiting for the new Kent album) I actually teared up a little with this song, it’s just way too good. AAHHHHH. They have not released anything yet, but I will be waiting.
  10. “Fall Down” by Laakso     9/10 This is pretty damn nice, I think that if I started band, we would probably sound a little like this. Sadly, after the total banger by Sekel, I just couldn’t concentrate in the song. But god the chorus is so good. I just noticed that this CD has gotten so much better. God this is good.
  11. “Fade When You Burn” by Easy October     9/10 Oh gosh this is so good, it reminds me of a Sufjan Stevens song that I can’t remember the name of. Or was it Sufjan? I am actually not sure. Oh! I know what this reminds me of! The first song from “Ys” by Joanna Newsom. So yeah, this song is just great, I really dig the vocals.
  12. “Solo S” by Aina Myrstener Cello     9/10 The bass is so good. Does this count as post-rock? I think it doesn’t. No, it isn’t. The vocals just remind me of Jónsi. Wait, is this in French? I am not sure. WAIT IT’S IN SWEDISH. Anyways, the instrumentalisation is minimal in this song but that doesn’t stop it from being a pretty good song. The vocals are beautiful though. It feels like this song could go on forever, I wouldn’t mind, actually.
  13. “Början På Ett Slut” by Stilla Havet     10/10 IT’S THE SOUND? HOLY SHIT. Also, hell yeah. Swedish punk. I dig the synths. No. Wait. I dig everything in this song. The vocals, the drums, the smooth ass bass. The guitar. Everything. The point is, I really like this song. Man, this so good.
  14. “Rabia” by Sudakistan     8/10 Is the intro an Arctic Monkeys rip-off? (it kinda is) I think I’ve heard this before? It all feels just too familiar. Anyways pretty good song, just nothing incredible.

Now, the album started off really weakly, I actually was planning on just turning it off and go listen to Merzbow. But then track number seven kicks in and the whole CD gets better and better.

The best songs have to be Deep Web by Magic Potion, Selasi by Sekel and Början På Ett Slut by Stilla Havet.

This album is a 8.4/10, way better than I expected and just way too good to be for free. I might revist this album some other time again and see if the songs have survived…. Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 20.54.14


Also, when I visited the record store in RSD, there was this really good band performing called “Niki And The Dove”, they were pop-ish and comfy as hell. I couldn’t see them because I am too short and everyone was overwhelmingly tall. I buyed Hatful Of Hollow by The Smiths, Funeral by Arcade Fire and Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not by Arctic Monkeys. We were gonna by Isola by Kent but our record player can’t play 180 gram vinyl 😦

That was a pretty good day.


That Time I Sat In A Pile Of Chocolate by Snowing


The day was today, a normal day. I was bored and I decided to go listen to some good emo albums, so I search Snowing in Spotify and I of course, go in to their page, only to see that there is a new release. At first I thought, “nah, this isn’t real” but oh my god it really is. I ran to my brother and showed it to him (he was as hyped as me) Now I wonder, how didn’t I know this had been released just 9 years ago? Was it my lack of visits to music forums? My hype for the end of Homestuck? I don’t know, but I just know this album is gonna be a next personal favourite.

This album has one of my top 10 albums of all time, “Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit”, plus some other unreleased songs, which is fucking awesome because there just aren’t enough Snowing songs to help me go through adolescence.

Actually, “Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit”  got me into emo music. No, it wasn’t American Football. It wasn’t Mineral. It wasn’t Sunny Day Real Estate. It was Snowing.

I think I might do this track for track because why the hell not?

  1. Sam Rudich     10/10 Ah, yes. Just as I said up there, this song got me into emo, so it’s obvious I love this song. I can the lyrics by heart (Actually, I can the lyrics to the whole album) Should I describe what I like of this song? I think I should. I really love the math core guitar(s?) and the amazing percussion. Even if it’s underrated, the bass in this song is just amazing, it helps fill the song. Also, the opening lyrics are just amazing (I’VE BEEN WASTING, THIS FUCKING YEAR ON THE IDEA OF GETTING UP AND MOVING O-ON) Just, amazing.
  2. Important Things (Specter Magic)     10/10 Yes. This song has THE sound. I will stop writing what I like about the (because they all will be the same as the last one)songs and just copy paste my favourite lyric of the song. “WHY CAN’T I SEE THE SUNSPOTS IN YOUR EYES?” (damn…)
  3. Pump Fake     10/10 “I’D CUT MY ARMS OFF. NO REGENERATION”
  6. You Bring Something… No     10/10 Even if extremely lo-fi, this song is simply put amazing. Actually, this was the first times i had listened to it, and damn it was so good. It had the sound too
  7. I Think We Are In Minsk     10/10 YES. IT’S THE FIRST SONG FROM THEIR ONLY ALBUM (FYEB is actually a demo) I have always loved this song. Never fails to make me jump around like an idiot.
  8. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went Back To Bed     10/10 dude, it’s their most famous song, it’s obvious i like it.
  9. Pump Fake – Alternate Version     10/10 Just as good as normal Pump Fake, with some minor changes.
  10. Scherbatsky     10/10 Just… To good…
  11. Big Weed     10/10 THIS IS THEIR BEST SONG DAMN. The song gets incredibly good 01:15. This is Snowing at their best.

As you probably can guess, this album is a 10/10, and I’m pretty sure this will be Snowings last album, ever. But god it was worth the wait.


Gensho by Boris with Merzbow



The heaviest album of the year? Probably. But is it the best of the year? I think not. So I did the error of listening to this, both CDs at the same time, with a really high volume. So now my ear rings a little bit more. But it was absolutely worth it, I swear.

The whole experience of listening to the both CDs at the same time in a pitch dark room while almost getting sleep paralysis or something.

But Merzbow didn’t do too much for me, it felt like he just was there, doing his thing. We gotta agree that the My Bloody Valentine cover was really good. Like, REALLY good.

I don’t have too much to say about this album. Just the usual “greatest hits” track list, re recorded.



Mellon Collie And The Infinite Radness by Tokyo Police Club

(Since this EP is so extremely new, there are no good high quality images of the cover, so I will use this one)


YES! YOU HEARD IT! IT’S A NEW TOKYO POLICE CLUB RELEASE. It came out yesterday. Now, I haven’t listened to that much TPC, but I quite liked “A Lesson In Crime”, especially the song “Nature Of Experiment”, which I played on repeat everyday just a couple months ago. I expect this EP to be damn good.

First off is “Not My Girl”, which sounds a lot like Arctic Monkeys, but more indie-pop oriented. I really like this song, I might even add it to my “Favourites” playlist, becuase this song is energetic and great to dance to. The bass is alright, nothing out of this world. Actually, none of the instruments in this song are that hard to play, or that incredible, but shit, it works a lot. Man, indie is not dead. Or not yet, anyways.

Then begins PCH, which already had come out as a single some time ago. It’s got some nice comfy vibes going. It sounds like it could have been an indie hit back in 2007, but who knows, this also has some chance to get on the billboard 100.The point is, it’s poppy, but good. I dig the synths and the drums. Actually, this song is even nicer than last song. THIS SONG IS EXTREMELY DANCEABLE, LISTEN WITH CAUTION.

“The Ocean” is the next song. It sounds damn nice, especially the guitar that hits at 00:17. The chorus is nice I guess? This song is just not as nice as the last two songs (which were incredible) The best moment just has to be 02:32 to the end of the song, it’s really nice.

Then comes “Losing You”, which opens with a crunchy sounding guitar. There is a piano too, that’s cool! The lyrics are ok, not exactly Thom Yorke or Morrissey, but still pretty good. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, this seriously reminds me of Arctic Monkeys.

The last song is “Please Don’t Let Me Down”, which doesn’t feel like a closer since it’s just as energetic as the last songs. God damn, why can’t I stop thinking of Arctic Monkeys?! It’s just too similar. I guess this song is ok, it’s the worst in the EP in my opinion. It’s still an OK song.

I’m giving this albu  a 8,8/10, would revisit anytime soon.