Next Thing by Frankie Cosmos


Now this is what I call a comfy album cover!

Contradicting our name, Frankie Cosmos has to be one of the last “true” indie artists. This albums was released today, and i’m pretty hyped to listen to it since I like her music so much. It’s supposed to be like, indie folk or something (that’s a good thing)

  1. Floated In      9/10 This is very… uhh… “Frankie Cosmos” sounding, so yeah that’s pretty good. I see there are more instruments than usual, that’s pertty cool. It was a little too short.
  2. If I Had a Dog     9/10 I thought she had a dog??? Anyways, this song is incredibly comfy, almost as comfy as Girlpool. Good song!
  3. Fool     20/10 i like when the drums kick in. This songs sounds a little bit like THE sound (not the band). This song is damn good, its the best one so far.
  4. Embody     9/10 NICE! The lyrics are pretty good, and so is the bass in this song.
  5. Too Dark     10/10 SO COMFY, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! It’s like Arcade Fire comfy, but much better (no offense to Arcade Fire, but this is way comfier) IT’S SO GOOD, THIS IS THE BEST ONE NOW. Actually, ranking Frankie Cosmos songs is stupid since all of her songs are the best songs, that’s how good she is.
  6. Tour Good     9/10 Oh shit, the intro reminded me of My Bloody Valentine for some reason, maybe because IT’S SHOCKINGLY GOOD???? I just can’t keep writing, I gotta concentrate on the songs. I will just give them the ratings, LET THE NUMBERS DO THE SPEAKING.
  7. Interlude     9/10
  8. I’m 20     9/10
  9. On the Lips     10/10
  10. Sinister     10/10
  11. Is It Possible / Sleep Song     9/10
  12. Outside with the Cuties    10/10 (I remember when Pitchfork posted a performance of her playing this song and that’s how I got into Frankie’s music. This has to be the first time I actually thank Pitchfork for anything)
  13. Sappho     9/10
  14. What If     10/10
  15. O Dreaded C Town     9/10

This has to be the best album of the year, maybe Radiohead can beat this, but i’mnot sure they will be able to. It’s just extremely comfy, and comfyness is what I like the most of being alive. Frankie Cosmos has the ability to kind of hypnotise you with her songs. It’s magical in some sort of way.

Sadly, the songs were way too short, but hey, It’s Frankie Cosmos we’re talking about. This album is a 9,4, almost a perfect album. I LOVE FRANKIE COSMOS!!!

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