Reviews of some “Always Wanted War” splits

Floppy Disk Split with rah. (and Always Wanted War, of course)


This will be a pretty quick review, since the songs are extremely short. It was released in November  last year (2015, if you are from the future or something) I waned to make a review of this one because I like catdog, hahaha.

The first song is by Always Wanted War, the name is “Urgelwurgel 2 – The Reckoning”. The song begins with some crunchy sounding guitar and then the screams kick in. God I love these screams, they sound kinda like Silencer’s vocalist scream, don’t they? I love Silencer so that’s great. As I expected, the drums are nice, so is the bass. This song kicked ass, too bad it was a little, uhh, short? Anyways, now’s time for some reh. I have listened to a couple of songs by them before and I expect some emo sounding stuff.

DAMN, THIS IS GREAT! The screams are just how screamo is supposed to sound, like in pain or something. The guitar in this song are kinda math rock-ish, and I love that. Does this count as hardcore punk? I think it does, a little a t least. I have replayed this like, 7 times already and my brain still hasn’t proccesed it. It all simply happens too fast. At least I know I like it, no wait, i LOVE it.

If I would give it a rating, it would definitely be a 9/10, the length from the songs keep from giving it a 10, but hey, dude, it’s AWW (and rah.!!!) and that’s pretty much what counts.

Let’s see if the next split is as good!

AWW/ Ghost Cat 


This is a split with Ghost Cat, they are from Florida, I think? Always Wanted War are from Germany, that’s one thing i’m sure.

Anyways, the first two songs are from Always Wanted War, hell yeah!!

First off is “Action / Intention” and it’s hella energetic, as expected from them. As always, NICE SCREAMS. I have always had a thing for screams and such, and Always Wanted War are one of the best at screaming (along with Deafheaven and Silencer). 01:20 has to be one of their best moments, with the guitar picking and catchy bass tune, who doesn’t like them?

Then begins “Back To Subzero” which begins a little less energetic as last song, but still manage to sound amazing. It’s kinda comfy, really. I KNOW I SAY THIS A LOT BUT MAN, THESE GUYS ARE SO GOOD, SPECIALLY AT SCREAMING (not as a bad thing) The drums sound delicious, as always. The bass at 02:00 is smooth as hell, well done! I like this even more than the last song.

And now… GHOST CAT(!!!!)

“These Fragile Moments” is… No. I just can’t write how good this is. I am shocked. They are a lot more poppier than AWW, that’s for sure. But they’re like two different things, like beds and football. I will try to explain why I like this song so much. THE BASS, THE SYNTH, I LOVE THE SOUND OF THE SYNTH!!!! THE GUITAR, THE VOCALS, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. THIS IS WAY TOO GOOD. The drumming is absolutely fabulous, just… I’m speechless.

After that begins “A Place To Go”. If you thought that it couldn’t get better than last song, then you are right. This is not as good as last song, but it’s still got the same sound. It works pretty much the same way, but this is less powerful. But I have to admit that the lyrics are pretty damn good, they go well with the vocals. The bass is smooth as hell, good percussion too! Ghost Cat are amazing, yo.

A good rating for this would be a 10/10, it’s just way too good. I might try to buy the 7″, hopefully the “Guns n’ Roses” version, because it looks great. Here, take a look at it.


It’s gatefold too!

The point is, this band is pretty damn good.

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