Mellon Collie And The Infinite Radness by Tokyo Police Club

(Since this EP is so extremely new, there are no good high quality images of the cover, so I will use this one)


YES! YOU HEARD IT! IT’S A NEW TOKYO POLICE CLUB RELEASE. It came out yesterday. Now, I haven’t listened to that much TPC, but I quite liked “A Lesson In Crime”, especially the song “Nature Of Experiment”, which I played on repeat everyday just a couple months ago. I expect this EP to be damn good.

First off is “Not My Girl”, which sounds a lot like Arctic Monkeys, but more indie-pop oriented. I really like this song, I might even add it to my “Favourites” playlist, becuase this song is energetic and great to dance to. The bass is alright, nothing out of this world. Actually, none of the instruments in this song are that hard to play, or that incredible, but shit, it works a lot. Man, indie is not dead. Or not yet, anyways.

Then begins PCH, which already had come out as a single some time ago. It’s got some nice comfy vibes going. It sounds like it could have been an indie hit back in 2007, but who knows, this also has some chance to get on the billboard 100.The point is, it’s poppy, but good. I dig the synths and the drums. Actually, this song is even nicer than last song. THIS SONG IS EXTREMELY DANCEABLE, LISTEN WITH CAUTION.

“The Ocean” is the next song. It sounds damn nice, especially the guitar that hits at 00:17. The chorus is nice I guess? This song is just not as nice as the last two songs (which were incredible) The best moment just has to be 02:32 to the end of the song, it’s really nice.

Then comes “Losing You”, which opens with a crunchy sounding guitar. There is a piano too, that’s cool! The lyrics are ok, not exactly Thom Yorke or Morrissey, but still pretty good. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, this seriously reminds me of Arctic Monkeys.

The last song is “Please Don’t Let Me Down”, which doesn’t feel like a closer since it’s just as energetic as the last songs. God damn, why can’t I stop thinking of Arctic Monkeys?! It’s just too similar. I guess this song is ok, it’s the worst in the EP in my opinion. It’s still an OK song.

I’m giving this albu  a 8,8/10, would revisit anytime soon.

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