Sleep Cycle – DEAKIN



Oh man where do I even begin with this album? I never actually expected Deakin to release the long waited album, I mean, people had waited for it since the kickstarter in 2009.

And you know what?

This actually is kinda better than Painting With. Like, this album shows the actual talent that Deakin has.

So the album starts with Golden Chords, a song that hints what the album will be sound like. It reminds me of Sung Tongs era Animal Collective, and that’s a really good thing. I never knew that Deakin could sing, he sounds really good in this song like damn. I really like the mild percussion of this song.

Right after a field recording, Just Am begins. It has a very psychedelic sound in the intro which I love. Then he begins to sing. Holy shit, this EP is surreal. This is the best album I’ve heard this year. Maybe AnCo needs Deakin to get good again. Like, this guy actually has talent. The fact that the less appreciated member of Animal Collective releases the best records of the year is like that damn Sith Jar Jar Binks theory, like, this guy has been the butt of so many jokes and insults and now he releases THIS? I’m so happy for him. Everything in this song blends perfectly, the piano, the incredible vocals and the weird synths + piano. The song once again finishes with some weird field recordings from his time in Mali(?)

Shadow mine is one minute and fifteen seconds of Deakin singing while some really weird sounds are being played in the background, but they’re some pretty cool sounds, might I add.

Footy begins with Deakin singing already from the first second. Now this song reminds me of Feels era AnCo. It’s so goddamn good I can’t belive it. I can’t describe how good this song is. I really, REALLY like the synth that plays this melody at 2:20 ~. Gosh, this album.

Seed Song kicks off with this really watery synth and the Deak lazily singing. This song is extremly repetitive, but it doesn’t make it bad. Deakin manages to still make the song interesting in a weird way, maybe I like repetition?

Oh my god. Good House. The song of the year. Holy shit this song I can’t belive it. You HAVE to listen to it yourself here.


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