Record Store Day free CD


So, in Record Store Day, I bought a couple of vinyl records and in the buy, I got this free promotional CD. Since it was released in Record Store Day, I think a lot of people have listened to this CD (at least in Sweden)

It supposedly is from seven independent Swedish record labels. Just the idea sounds pretty cool, I just hope the music is alright.

I do not know what to expect, so wish me luck.

  1. “Vial Of Dreams” by Red Cell     8/10 Oh shit, it’s synth pop revival. This song is alright. Pretty strong chorus, it reminds me of Depeche Mode (guess why) Also, the synths in the chorus remind me of “Computerleibe”by Kraftwerk
  2. “Boys Will Be Boys” by Arre! Arre!     9/10 Nice intro, the vocals are pretty good. Actually, this isn’t bad at all. I expected it to suck for some reason but boy I was wrong. God, this song is so damn good. So, this song is about trans people I guess? Nice.
  3. “Vissa Nätter” by Jonas Lundqvist     7.8/10 I can’t help but think of Håkan when he goes “papapapaaa”. This song is ok, it sadly feels a little bland after the last two songs. It’s still pretty nice, specially drums.
  4. “Tvillingbror” by Kent Norberg     6/10 uh. Now, let me get this straight. The instrumentation is good and it’s clear that they all have got talent. But god this song isn’t exactly of my taste. It’s kinda like a country ballad with some cool sounding guitars.
  5. “Det Som Följer” by Dödens Dal     8/10 Yes. More synthy stuff, I love it. This song is instrumental, and speaking of instruments, they’re damn good. It reminds me of a song I listened to in a “public access channel”. I like the guitar at literally the last 5 seconds
  6. “Aldrig Mer” by NEJ     6/10 The intro is pretty damn good, it reminds me of Viet Cong (or whatever their name is now) But when the vocals kicks in the song goes downhill. So yeah, weak, irritating, ear-piercing vocals. Who produced this shit? They’re too loud (the vocals, that is. Everything else is top-notch) Man, at least the band name goes with the song. NEJ. I would give this song a 4/10 but the instruments are just way too good.
  7. “Deep Web” by Magic Potion     10/10 Now this is what I call comfy! I expected Mac Demarco to start singing, but I got an even comfier voice! This is so good!! You know what? I might add this band to my “need to listen” list. This is just way too good. I will review their new album when it comes out. God that was comfy.
  8. “Blood Satisfaction” by Haul     9/10 Really post-punkish intro, when the vocals kick in, it actually gets pretty nice? It’s kinda like NEJ, but done well. The synths are a little cheesy at times, but if I ignore them they just disappear. So yeah, I really dig the vocals, remind me of Danzig’s voice, but darker and cooler. That was awesome.
  9. “Selasi” by Sekel     10/10 What? What? WHAT? THIS IS SO GOOD HOLY SHIT. WHAT’S EVEN GOING ON???AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! This is exactly how all music should sound, they’re just perfect. I think this has to be the best Swedish song of the year (or maybe not, I’m still waiting for the new Kent album) I actually teared up a little with this song, it’s just way too good. AAHHHHH. They have not released anything yet, but I will be waiting.
  10. “Fall Down” by Laakso     9/10 This is pretty damn nice, I think that if I started band, we would probably sound a little like this. Sadly, after the total banger by Sekel, I just couldn’t concentrate in the song. But god the chorus is so good. I just noticed that this CD has gotten so much better. God this is good.
  11. “Fade When You Burn” by Easy October     9/10 Oh gosh this is so good, it reminds me of a Sufjan Stevens song that I can’t remember the name of. Or was it Sufjan? I am actually not sure. Oh! I know what this reminds me of! The first song from “Ys” by Joanna Newsom. So yeah, this song is just great, I really dig the vocals.
  12. “Solo S” by Aina Myrstener Cello     9/10 The bass is so good. Does this count as post-rock? I think it doesn’t. No, it isn’t. The vocals just remind me of Jónsi. Wait, is this in French? I am not sure. WAIT IT’S IN SWEDISH. Anyways, the instrumentalisation is minimal in this song but that doesn’t stop it from being a pretty good song. The vocals are beautiful though. It feels like this song could go on forever, I wouldn’t mind, actually.
  13. “Början På Ett Slut” by Stilla Havet     10/10 IT’S THE SOUND? HOLY SHIT. Also, hell yeah. Swedish punk. I dig the synths. No. Wait. I dig everything in this song. The vocals, the drums, the smooth ass bass. The guitar. Everything. The point is, I really like this song. Man, this so good.
  14. “Rabia” by Sudakistan     8/10 Is the intro an Arctic Monkeys rip-off? (it kinda is) I think I’ve heard this before? It all feels just too familiar. Anyways pretty good song, just nothing incredible.

Now, the album started off really weakly, I actually was planning on just turning it off and go listen to Merzbow. But then track number seven kicks in and the whole CD gets better and better.

The best songs have to be Deep Web by Magic Potion, Selasi by Sekel and Början På Ett Slut by Stilla Havet.

This album is a 8.4/10, way better than I expected and just way too good to be for free. I might revist this album some other time again and see if the songs have survived…. Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 20.54.14


Also, when I visited the record store in RSD, there was this really good band performing called “Niki And The Dove”, they were pop-ish and comfy as hell. I couldn’t see them because I am too short and everyone was overwhelmingly tall. I buyed Hatful Of Hollow by The Smiths, Funeral by Arcade Fire and Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not by Arctic Monkeys. We were gonna by Isola by Kent but our record player can’t play 180 gram vinyl 😦

That was a pretty good day.


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