Death Grips – Interview 2016


Listen to it here

Death Grips’ latest instrumental EP wasn’t exactly what I expected.  It is REALLY chaotic, if I could say it like that. I didn’t expect it to be full blown glitch. But the glitch gives this EP a futuristic feeling. Like it would belong in a cyberpunk movie or something.


  1. Interview Track 2
  2. Interview Track 1
  3. Interview Track 5
  4. Interview Track 6
  5. Interview Track 3
  6. Interview Track 4

Overall, this overly mechanic, manic, chaotic piece of music is an alright experience, byt really forgettable. I found myself air drumming to some parts like in track 2. But it (the EP) feels a little bit rushed? Anyways, everytime that Death Grips release an instrumental EP, the new album is around the corner. So I won’t lose my hope for Bottomless Pit.



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