Melt EP by Magic Potion


This EP was released in the first of June, 2015. I’m going to review it because I just found them in the Record Store Day promotional CD and I fell in love with their comfyness. There is actually merch for this EP, or at least a shirt. It looks great.


I would buy this

The album EP is also out in cassette, and it’s fabulous


This is my aesthetic dude

Anyways, I’m ready to get covered by a blanket of comfyness.

The first song is “1995” which has some Frankie Cosmos vibes going (it’s probably the bass’s fault). God this is comfy. I just can’t write, this is too good. So quickly said, this is extremely comfy and SO GOOD. It also reminds me a little of The Unicorns, is it because it is kind of lo-fi/indie? Who knows dude.

Then begins “Deep Web” which I can’t help but think it’s a shameless Mac Demarco rip-off, I think it’s the guitar’s fault. They just sound too much like anything Demarco has made. The vocals are hella comfy though. They remind me a little of the Adventure Time ending song, but you know, better. 

“Booored” begins with a guitar riff that sounds like a song I’ve made (not that I mind, but I think it’s exactly the same riff) The vocals seems a little different from last song, they’re just not as good. That does not make it a  bad song. My favourite part from this song has to be 01:25, I just really dig it. Yeah, it’s a good song, just not as good as the last one.

Finally comes “Neon Fruit”, which is the last song from this incredible EP. The bass in this song is just incredibly comfy. The drums, even if minimal at some points, are damn good. I have nothing to say about this song since it would sound a lot like the last three songs. 01:24 is just magnificent, those kinds of vocals hit the spot for me.


This has to be a 8,7/10 from me. This band has talent and it shows. I just wish the EP would have been an album (so I could have gotten more songs to chill to) But yeah, this is overall a great EP worth remembering. Comfiest EP ever dude.

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