When Will I Return? by Swans


Swans are back with a new single, “When Will I Return?”. This is a single for their new album that will be released the 17th June. It’s going to be called “The Glowing Man” and will be their last album (RIP SWANS) I can already feel that the album is going to be one of the best of the year.

Oh well, let’s just get into the review already.

“When Will I Return” begins with a guitar playing some chords, as a very Swans synth plays in the background. Then Michael Gira’s wife starts singing, and god her voice is beautiful. It’s almost as good as Björk’s voice. As expected, the lyics are very Swans. The song keeps getting more and more intense as she keeps singing. Then the drums kicks in and the song starts sounding A LOT like “Bring The Sun” (from To Be Kind) I think they said in an interview that they made this song by jamming Bring The Sun, that’s pretty cool. The vocals sing “I am alive” (or that’s what I think they say anyways. Then the song just fades out.

This song was just incredible, and I hope it’s longer in the album. It was too short to be a Swans song, and it felt like it was going to build up to something even bigger and more epic. Oh well, it was still awesome. An 8.5/10 in my opinion. I’m pretty sure the album is going to be even better.

The Love Of Yesterdays by Dog Thumbs


This album (or is it an EP? I am not sure) was released today, and I can’t remember how I found it. I think I was browsing some bandcamp tags and I really liked the cover (Those are really some nice jeans) So I listened to the first song to see if it was good and I fell in love with it. Now, I haven’t listened to the other songs, but I think they will be as good.     Listen to it here, by the way

So what am I waiting for? Let’s go!

  1. Self Indulgence     9/10 Nice opener, I really dig his voice! The chord progression is also incredible. Don’t let me get started on how much I like the lyrics, they’re just too relatable to be true. There isn’t so much to say about this song since it’s kinda short, but god that was a great song.
  2. Your Memes are too Niche     10/10 This song has one of the comfiest intros of the year. Just as I expected, his voice is still on point and the guitar is actually better than last song. He is just so good at writing lyrics, how does he do it? Words can’t describe how much I like this, it just feels like this is the album I’ve been looking for all these years.
  3. Holden and Me are Phonies     8/10 Ah, yes. The intros are always so good, this guy really has talent. Sadly, I don’t like the vocals that much in this song. It just doesn’t have the same feeling as the ast songs. The lyrics are still good. 01:27 is really good though.
  4. About 15040 Miles     8.5/10 Yeah, this wasn’t bad at all. I can’t just come and scream how I wish it was longer, because some songs just have to be the time they’re sometimes. His voice is at least better than in last song.
  5. Chump     9/10 This has the best lyrics in the album, they just feel so refreshing. I liked the guitar (as always, since it’s the only instrument in the album). The outro had its charm too, just how he casually said swing in the end (that’s one of my musical fetishes too) And this was the last song in the album, the next one is a Front Bottoms Cover, and I’ve been waiting for it since I clicked play on this album. I just love The Front Bottoms, man.
  6. Not So Secret Hidden Track (TFB cover)     10/10 GOD THAT WAS AWESOME, I LOVE WHEN THE LAST SONG IS THE BEST SONG. There are literally no flaws in this song. Combining his incredible voice with TFB lyrics? God that’s genius. Well done.

This album was way better than I expected. I really dig his voice, I think I’m going to listen to his demo (which he released earlier this year) I mean, the cover isn’t that good but maybe the music is as good. This has to be one of the EPs of the year (if that’s what it is) Just an incredible album, definitely a 9/10

Keep doing what you do, because you really have talent!

Pink Gum by Magic Potion


It’s finally here! The long awaited debut album of Magic Potion! Now, I really liked their singles for this album. They were just great. The “Melt EP” was also incredible and has one of the songs of the year, “Deep Web” (In my opinion, of course). Instead of talking too much, I will just dig right into it!

Let’s do it!

  1. Milk     9/10 As expected from Magic Potion, we have a really comfy opener. The guitar riff from the intro reminds me a lot of the third song, “Deep Web”. They’re pretty alike. The percussion is great too, it’s perfect. Now, I wish they could have put some lyrics on their bandcamp page, because I don’t understand a thing they’re saying (Who knows, maybe that’s for the best?) Anyways, I would like to add that this has one of the comfiest guitar solos I’ve ever heard, and I have heard a lot of solos. So yeah, great opener!
  2. Cola Boyys     9/10 If I remember right, I think this was one of the singles for the album (wasn’t the first song too?) It’s got nice melodies, and god I’m going to try to not to overuse this word (or phrase, actually), that phrase would be “This is comfy”. But I just can’t stop saying that it’s comfy, because it’s exactly what describes their sound. I lost my headphones, so I’m listening to this from my laptop’s speakers. Thanks to that, I think I’m missing great basslines. I just really like the sound they’re going for, it’s like Mac DeMarco but more energetic.
  3. Deep Web     10/10 And speaking of Mac DeMarco, this song sounds a lot like something he would make (Especially the guitar riff) This was the first song of theirs that I listened to, it was on a Record Store Day compilation CD. I was shocked by how good this song was. The vocals remind me a lot of the ending song from Adventure Time, maybe because they’re incredible.                                                                                         This song has survived the test of time.
  4. Yummi 1     8/10 Oh, this is new! This is really comfy! (I said it, comfy count is on four) I think I can hear the bass, and it sounds great. I really like the drums, they’re energetic yet minimalistic. I also like the jangly guitar. As always, nice vocals.         Just a great song, nothing special with it.
  5. Golden Power     9/10 THIS IS GREAT. This has to be one of the best songs in the album so far, along with “Deep Web”, of course. I actually wrote that this was one of the slower songs, but I was just at the intro when I wrote that down. The song gets a lot more energetic, especially the drums (This song has the best percussion so far). I think the samples at the outro are a little unnecessary, and cheesy too.                     This makes me rate it a little lower than it should be.
  6. Gemz     9/10 SO COMFY (ah fuck), HOW DO THEY MANAGE TO DO SUCH NICE MUSIC? This song is a lot comfier than last song, but not better. Oh well, the chorus isn’t bad. At all. I really like the guitar riff, it’s surf-ish. This really IS one of the best Swedish bands at the moment, maybe THE best after Kent plays their final show. Now, I’m talking about the best “alternative”, because everyone should know that Opeth, Silencer and Lifelover are the best Swedish bands.
  7. Jelly    10/10 And another of the singles for the album! I think this was my favourite of the three singles and I can really see why. The drum machine (or is it just robotic drumming??) really gives it it’s charm. I like the part around 02:00 where the drums go full “Just Like Honey”, it really is one of the best moments of the album, as the song starts getting this underwater feeling. Definitely one of the best songs in here.
  8. Cheddar Lane     8/10 Yes. Give me that comfiness (damn). Give me those surf-ish/ jangle guitars. Give me the perfect drumming that we get in every song, and PLEASE give me those vocals. Oh, the part where the song just changes tempo is just incredible, I really like the guitar in that part. Maybe I can figure out how to play it? The song felt too short though.
  9. Booored     8/10 The last single begins with the exact same guitar riff from the first song I created. Oh god the chorus is so delicious, I want to eat it. I have said pretty much everything by now, just read the other songs to figure out what I’m going to say about this. That’s something that I don’t like that much with this album, the songs sound too much alike. But hey, this isn’t a bad song at all.
  10. Peace Pipe     8.5/10 Last but not least, we have “Peace Pipe”, which is the perfect closer. This reminds me a lot of the closer of Arctic Monkeys debut album, begins slow and builds up to an energetic ending. Apart that this one has no energetic part, it’s actually just a slow song, I said that for fun. But yeah, this is just an incredible closer for an incredible album

This album was so good! I really liked it for it’s comfy vocals and nice guitar riffs. I just wish I could have paid more attention to the bass, but I’m pretty sure that one is also pretty good. The best thing with this album has to be the drums, god they were so good. Basically, Magic Potion has a lot of energy and talent, and I am expecting them to make more good albums.


Also, you can actually buy it on cassette, and it looks incredible. I want to scratch that cassette with my teeth, because that green is delicious. It reminds me of Wes Anderson.   IT ALSO HAS GUM WITH IT, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Buy it if you want, I’m not going to point a gun to your head and scream at the top of my lungs how you should buy it. Just get it if you liked it.

This album has to be an 8.8/10, an incredible album worth remembering.

You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs) by Another Sunny Day

ladda ned (12)

This is an EP by jangle pop/twee pop band Another Sunny Day, I’ve hear that they’re great so I decided to check this EP out. It was released on 1989, and it’s their only EP. I have only listened to the first song, and I really liked it. (It sounded a lot like The Smiths)

The first song is You Should All Be Murdered. The guitar at the intro is incredible, and the bass is comfy, just like it should be. The vocals remind me of Morrissey’s, that’s a good thing. The chorus is so damn good though. There isn’t much to say about the song, apart that it’s incredible. If this would be The Smiths, it would be their best song.

Another Sunny Day also sounds a lot like Beat Happening, but more 80’s sounding. The vocals aren’t as good as last song. The lyrics are pretty good too. The bass is pretty good. When he sings “So very grateful”, he sounds a lot like the singer from The Chameleons, or maybe The Sound. So yeah, this is simply put a great jangle song.

Finally, we have Green. This one is incredible, just a little cheesy. I really love the vocals though, they’re really comfy. He sings so damn good. The drums are a little repetitive, but that’s fine.

Sorry, I took a pause to listen to the first song again, it’s just too wonderful. Seriously one of their best song i’ve heard. I liked this EP for it’s ability to give us danceable tunes mixed in with comfy basslines and soothing vocals. This has to be on my top 5 EP’s, ever.

I’m going to give this a 9.3/10, god what a good EP. I’m going to listen to more Sarah Record releases, they sound incredible.

Halfway to a Threeway by Jim O’Rourke


Oh yes! Jim O’Rourke, I have heard a lot about him but I have never really listened to his solo stuff (I know that he was in my second favorite band of all time, Sonic Youth). Now, this EP looks really comfy, just look at that album cover. But it may be something dark, I would not be surprised if he followed the good ol’ “misleading album cover” trick (damn it, DIscordance Axis). Let’s do it!

  1. Fuzzy Sun – Wow, this was even more comfy than I expected. I adore that guitar in the background, so good! But it isn’t incredible, it’s just right. Have I mentioned that the guitar is almost math-rock). Damn! 8,5/10
  2. Not Sport, Martial Art – S A D. This reminds me a lot of post-rock, like the early stuff. This is  a really good track, the instruments fit together like a glove. It also feels kind of jazzy in some spots? I’m not sure why. But the guitar kicks ass AGAIN. Some weird instrument kicks in and everything gets so DAMN GOOD. This is a 10/10 track för helvete! Incredible.
  3. The Workplace –  Is this another post-rock track but this time with vocals? I have to admit that I don’t like how he sings that much, but that doesn’t really bother me that much. He’s a great guitar player, like seriously, the stuff he plays sounds like something that would need 2 guitars +. This song reminds me of late Sonic Youth too, probably because of the percussion. This is by far, the comfiest track in the whole EP, but maybe the last track will be able to take the price. But it still feels like being in front of a fireplace while cuddling with your cat or something. The weird trumpetish instrument is back and god damn it this is so good I want to cry. 10/10
  4. Halfway to a Threeway – Here we are now, the last track of the EP. Really comfy, I’m gonna look at the lyrics

I used to have none
Now with you, I’ve got one
If I could get just one more
Then you know what you’re in for

You ain’t getting any sleep tonight
I hope that you girls don’t fight
And I hope that you won’t run away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

I tried again and again
To indulge in just one sin
All you have to do is lie there
While I push aside your wheelchair

And I do everything it takes
To change your mind and apply your brakes
So I know that you can’t roll away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

Can’t wipe the smile off my face
When you strut by in your leg brace
You just can’t climb the stairs
And you ain’t got any hair

I just can’t get you to sit
You and your stupid epileptic fits
And I know that you can’t run away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

As I lay you down on my bed
It don’t matter that you’re brain dead
I can get so you close to ya
Now that you’re in a coma

I’ll make it sweet but short
When I pull out your life support
And I know that you’ll just fade away
Now I’m halfway to a threeway
And I know that you’ll just fade away
Now I’m halfway to a threeway

What the fuck man. Anyways, this track didn’t that the prize for comfiest song in EP, but it takes the prize for most fucked up lyric in the whole EP. Still a great track 9/10



Då Som Nu För Alltid by Kent


This is it. The last Kent album ever has been released today, and since I like Kent, I will listen to it. Now, something that I think that could make me dislike this album is the fact that I don’t like their synth-pop sound. Kent’s self-titled album and Isola have to be their best albums. But hey, Vapen och Ammunition wasn’t that bad either.  SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Dagen har kommit. Den sista Kent skivan någonsin har släpps ut idag, och eftersom jag gillar Kent, så kommer jag att lyssna på den. Nu, något som jag tycker som kan förstöra albumet för mig är att jag gillar inte synth-pop Kent. Kents självbetitlade album och Isola är deras bästa album. Men tja, Vapen och Ammunition var inte så dåligt heller.

Let’s dive into it! (RIP KENT)

  1. Andromeda     8/10 Andromeda begins with Joakim Berg singing, and a guitar playing in the background. Some drums kick in (literally KICK in, it’s just the kick) This has a strong pop feeling but it’s still pretty good. There is no denial that this is Kent we’re listening to (it has the Kent sound, and the Kent vibes going) But yeah, it’s an ok song, a little too poppy for me.                                              SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Andromeda börjar med en sjungande Joakim Berg medans ett nice gitarr riff spelas i backgrunden. Sen kickar in trummorna (bokstavligen, de spelar bara kicken) Den här låten har ett starkt pop känsla men den är fortfarande bra (jag är inte en fan av pop/synth Kent) Så att ja, det är en ok låt, lite för poppigt för mig.
  2. Tennsoldater (Tin Soldiers)    7/10 Tennsoldater begins with a nice sounding synth. Suddenly, a smooth bass kicks in, just as Joakim starts singing. Then the song turns into a billboard sounding song. Joakims voice sounds a little off in the verse, and the chorus is a little TOO pop for me. It’s pretty damn good, I wouldn’t be surprised if this would get on Sweden’s Billboard 40. I really miss guitar-Kent though. Yeah, this is a strong pop song.                                                                              SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Tennsoldater börjar med en nice synth slinga. Plötsligt så kommer in ett bas att döda för, då börjar Joakim att sjunga. När det händer, då blir den till en topplista-låt. Joakims röst känns ur plats i versen, och refrängen är FÖR poppigt för mig. Jag skulle inte bli överraskad om den här låten skulle hamna i topplistan. Jag saknar verkligen gitarr-Kent. Men ja, detta är ett starkt pop låt.
  3. Vi är för alltid (We are for ever)    9/10 The riff guitar at the intro is pretty nice, and I like how the song slowly builds up to its strong chorus. This is the best song so far (in my opinion, of course) The chorus is actually magnificent, I really like it. Something that I think is great with this album is that it’s better than their last album, and that it has a strong bass in every song. This has even more chance of getting in the Billboard than last song, it just feels more natural.                          SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Gitarr riffen i introt är jävligt bra, och jag gillar hur låten långsamt bygger upp till ett starkt refräng. Den här är bästa låten hittills (tycker jag i alla fall) Refrängen är faktiskt fantastisk, jag verkligen gillar den. Något som jag tycker som är bra med skivan är att den är bättre än deras förra album, och att den har ett starkt bas i varje sång. Den här låten är även mer chans att komma in i topplistan, den känns bara mer naturligt.
  4. Den vänstra stranden (The left beach)    8.5/10 The intro reminds me a little of Depeche Mode, I think it’s the Kraftwerk inspired synth’s fault. Joakim’s voice is incredible in this song. God this is a comfy song, I might not like their pop albums, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like their synths (For example, the synth in 747 is god-tier) The chorus is good, for some reason I don’t understand what he’s saying, apart from vatten and den vänstra stranden. The verse after the chorus is even more upbeat than the first one. This is almost at the same level as the last song, just a great pop song. (also, the guitar solo was pretty good, not exactly TECHNICAL or BRUTAL or fast)                                                                                                       SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Introt påminner mig om Depehe Mode, jag tror att det är den Kraftwerks inspirerade synthens fel. Joakims röst är underbart i den här låten. Gud, den här låten känns så bekvämt. Jag kanske inte gillar inte deras pop skivor, men det betyder inte att jag inte kan gilla deras synthar (Till exempel, synthen i 747 är EXTREMT bra) Refrängen är bra, för något anledning så fattar jag inte vad han säger, förutom orden vatten och “den vänstra stranden”. Versen efter refräng är ännu mer energetisk än den första. Den här låten är nästan på samma nivå som förra låten, det är bara ett jävligt skön pop låt. (Gitarr solot var ganska bra, inte exakt TEKNISK eller BRUTALT eller snabbt)
  5. Nattpojken och Dagflickan (The night boy and the day girl)   8.9/10 Oh god, even more billboard bait songs. The vocals in the intro are good, nothing out of this world. This a decent love song, the lyrics are ok (good enough to be a love song) The chorus is cheesy, but not that bad. Actually, this reminds me of Passion Pit. Now that I think about it, this might not be so bad. It’s a little too short though.   SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Åh gud, även mera topplist låtar. Vokalerna(?) på introt är bra, inget extraordinärt. Den här är ett anständig kärlekslåt, texten är helt okej (bra nog för att bara ett kärlekslåt) Refrängen är ostig, men så dålig är den inte. Faktiskt, det här påminner mig om Passion Pit. Nu när jag tänker på det, detta  är inte så dåligt alls. Den är lite för kort, för att tala sanningen.
  6. Vi är inte längre där (We are no longer there)    8.7/10 THE PIANO/SYNTH AT THE INTRO IS GREAT. The instrumentation is good, and the vocals aren’t that bad either. I’m just not a huge fan of pop Kent. As far as I’m concerned, this song is about someone that dissapeared and the MC (main character) is singing about how he misses them. I really like the guitar riff that appears in the chorus. There isn’t that much to say about this song, apart that it’s worth remembering. The last 20 seconds are incredible.                                                                 SVENSKA/SWEDISH: PIANOT/SYNTHEN I INTROT ÄR SÅ BRA. Instrumentationen är bra, och vokalerna är inte så dåliga heller. Jag är helt enkelt inte ett stort fan av pop Kent. Det som jag har förstått är att låten handlar om någon som försvinner och hur huvudpersonen saknar dem. Jag gillar verkligen gitarr riffen som kommer upp i refrängen. Det finns inget mer som man kan säga om låten, förutom att den är värd komma ihåg. De sista 20 sekunderna är fantastiska.
  7. Förlåtelsen (The apologise?)   7.6 /10 They did it again, another pop song that sounds like any other song in the album. This is getting a little repetitive, but it’s still not so bad. All of the songs in this album have the same formula. That would be: Intro, verse (drums kick in in the middle of the verse) then comes the chorus, then another verse with the same beats of the chorus. Actually, explaining this is a pain in the ass. The song is alright, I guess.                                                                                               SVENSKA/SWEDISH: De gjorde det igen, ett till pop låt som låter som vilket sång som helst i albumet. Den här börjar bli lite repetitivt, men det är fortfarande inte SÅ dåligt. Alla låtar har samma formula. Det är: Intro, vers (perkussionen börjar på mitten av versen) sen kommer refrängen. Sen ett till vers, men med samma beat som i refrängen. Faktiskt, att förklara det här är helt och hållet onödigt. Låten är helt okej.                                                                                                                                                      (I’m going to take a pause to watch the new Steven Universe)                                                (AAAAAAAAAH LAPIS IS BACK, AND SHE TALKS TOO, GOD BLESS STEVEN UNIVERSE AND IT’S INCREDIBLE ART/MUSIC/STORYTELLING/CHARACTER DEVELOMPMENT) oh right, i have a Kent album to listen to. Let’s go.
  8. Skyll inte ifrån dig (Don’t blame yourself(?))    8.4/10 Yes. This is pretty nice, at least it’s better than last song. As I said before, there isn’t that much to say, since the songs are too similar with eachother. But this one wasn’t so bad.                                    SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Ja, det här är ganska bra. Det är i alla fall bättre än förra sången. Som jag sa förut, det finns inte så mycket som jag kan säga, eftersom låtarna liknar för mycket varandra. Men den var inte så dålig.
  9. Gigi (sic)    8.9/10 I like the intro, the guitar is pretty damn nice. The song gets incredible, at least it isn’t as poppy. This reminds me more of Vapen och Ammunition. The chorus is pretty good too.                                        SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Jag gillar introt, gitarren är jävligt nice. Låten blir ännu bättre, den är i alla fall inte så poppigt. Det påmminer mig om Vapen och Ammunition. Refrängen är ganska bra.
  10. Falska profeter (Fake prophets)    9.3/10 I just noticed how tha album is getting better and better. This has a more retro Kent sound. There is a really nice drum machine and at least there is some guitar wankery here and there. Ah, shit. I just remembered this IS the last album. This song is a reminder of the old (Kent) days. This is the best song so far, I really hope the next song will be their best song ever. The last two minutes are fantastic, and the last 20 seconds hit hard.                                     SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Jag har precis insett att albumet har bara blivit bättre och bättre. Den här låten har en retro Kent ljud. Det finns ett ganska coolt drum machine och det finns i alla fall en gitarr här och där. Åh fy fan, jag har kommit ihåg att det här ÄR den sista Kent skivan någonsin. Det här låten är som en påminnelse om gamla Kent. Den här är bästa låten hittills, jag hoppar verkligen att nästa låten är deras bästa låt.  De sista två minuter är fantastiska, och de sista 20 sekunder slår hårt.
  11. Den sista sången (The last song) ;_;  10/10 Here it is. The last Kent song. It’s intro is too good to be real. I like all the details that pop up. Yes! Kent did it! The last song is the best song they have released in 10 years, and also the best song in the album. I can’t explain why I like this song, go listen to it yourself and you will find out. This is how a band is supposed to end, with an incredible song.                                          SVENSKA/SWEDISH: Här är det. Den sista Kent låten. Introt är för bra för att vara sant. Jag gillar alla detaljer som kommer upp plötsligt. Ja! Kent har gjort det! Den sista sången de har gjort är också den bästa låten de har gjort under 10 år, det är också bästa låten I albumet. Jag kan helt enkelt inte förklara varför jag gillar låten, gå och lyssna på den själv. Du kanske för reda på varför jag gillar den. Det här är hur ett band ska sluta, med ett jävligt bra låt.

Thank you Kent for everything you have done, your music is the best Sweden will ever have (if we don’t count all the great bands that are popping up everywhere) I’m actually going to see them live the 15th December, two days before THE last concert. Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? My rating for this album was going to be a 7,7/10, but since the last song was so extraordinary, I’ll will give it a 8,7/10. THANK YOU KENT


Magic Potion’s new singles

I discovered this band in a free Record Store Day CD and immediately fell in love with their music, they’re as comfy as Mac Demarco (and it’s almost impossible to get in such a level of comfiness) Magic Potion’s new album will be released in eight years, and these are the singles that they’ve released for it so far.


First off we have “Milk”, which starts with a nice guitar riff, then the drums kick in and so does the bass. As expected from Magic Potion, the vocals are comfy. This is really nice, I would chill to this everyday. There aren’t that many changes in the song (the drums change patter now and then, but that is all) Still a damn good song. Oh, there is also a comfy guitar solo, and the bass is pretty smooth then. Yeah, this wasn’t so bad after all.


Next off we have “Cola Boyys”, I hope it’s as comfy as last song. Oh, it’s not as comfy, but it’s definitely as good. This song has energetic drums and a smooth bass. It also has a The Unicorns vibe going, I think it’s like that because these guys are lo-fi/indie/comfy. The guitar is pretty damn nice too, the vocals aren’t extraordinary, but they’re alright. It’s an ok song, just a little worse than last song. I WANT COMFY SONGS!


Last but not least, we have their latest single, “Jelly”. I expect this to be an ok song, just nothing special. Oh yes this is really comfy, better than last song anyways. This reminds me of the ending song from Adventure Time. The guitar is really good in this song. I just can’t describe how much I like this song. It’s got an underwater feeling in it. I like the part when the drums go full “Just Like Honey”. That has to be the best moment in the song.


Yes. This singles are the reason why I should be hyped for their new album, “Gum”. I can’t wait for it. (actually, I can.) But yeah, they were overall comfy and nice singles. I hope the album is this good (it probably will)

Waste Yrself by Teen Suicide REVIEW


I was originally going to review their new album, but it’s ONE HOUR LONG. I’m not in the mood to review an album, so here comes WASTE YRSELF, Teen Suicide’s fourth (or second?) EP!

  1. Lonely Boy Goes To A Rave – Is that a sample intro or some dude actually mad? When the instruments come in, it feels like a damn Fidlar song, but much much better. This is somre real Lo-Fi stuff. I dig it. OOOooOOOOOoooo (nice vocal melodies). This is so good, like that guitar just KILLS ME. 8/10
  2. Benzo – Is this midwest emo? Because it feels like a noisy midwest emo release. Drums are on point and so are the vocal melodies (once again). Damn these guys really like vocal harmonies, don’t they? This song is almost crushing, almost Goslings-tier noise. 7,8/10
  3. Haunt Me (x3) – Now this is some S A D  S T U F F. That intro is devastating, and it gets EVEN MORE devastating when that dude begins to half whisper half sing his way thru the song. It actually could be a hit if it had cleaner production, but who needs clean production anyways? OOOOoooh, vocal harmonies again. At 1:50, a really noisy unindentefied instrument plays some haunting solo and that KILLED ME.  9,7/10
  4. Everything Is Going To Hell – More midwest emo intros, twinky shit. Ok, this is the single most midwest emo song in the entire record so far. Is this Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely State)? Everything is going to hell, damn, that title describes the feeling of this song almost perfectly. 8,8/10
  5. Falling In Love – 

    This but with the dude crying his soul out. 

    This is a nice little song that actually gets better when the others instruments kick in. It felt like I was listening to Pixies for a second there. 9/10

  6. Salvia Plath – Yes! This was the first song that I actually heard by them and it blew me away. That distorted lo-fi piano melody is KILLER. It actually hurts a bit when the dude starts to sing because, damn, that’s lofi af. But this is my favorite song in the album apart from Haunt Me (x 3). Flawless track 10/10
  7. doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2 – Another song that could be a damn hit if they weren’t so damn lo-fi. But like I said before, there is absolutley nothing wrong with some RAW production. Anyways, this is one of the least noisy tracks in the whole EP. I really like that acoustic guitar in the background. I wouldn’t mind having it in a chill playlist. It reminds me of Jamie Stewart (the singer) in some bits, probably because of the feeling of hopelessness. 8,5/10
  8. we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (acoustic) – Last track of the EP and it’s GHOSTIE. Forget that I said that track 7 is the least noisy, how didn’t I think that a song with (acoustic) wouldn’t be mega chill? There are some seconds were the singer sounds like Jeff Mangun + Jeff Buckley and it’s really good. A great closer. 9/10


I recommend it if you like noisy, sad music.

Outer Acid EP aka Mr. Fingers 2016 by Mr. Fingers


talk about a bad cover

Alright, I have never listened to Mr. Fingers. I don’t even know who he is, but I’m pretty sure this EP is going to kick ass. The genres listed in RYM are Chicago House, Deep House, Ambient House and Acid House. Wow, that’s a lot ouf houses. What can go wrong? Let’s do this

  1. Outer Acid – Wow this sounds really nice. The synth or whatever it is in the very beginning of the track is S I C K. Now this is something that I would like hearing in a soundtrack for a space noir film or something. Blade Runner remake. Brrr, just thinking about someone remaking Blade Runner makes me want to punch a dog. Alright, back to the song. The track itself is really repetitive and heavy, but in a good way. I really like it, nothing incredible but it isn’t bad. Really minimalistic. At 4:20 (ha) a really nice distorted synth appears and fades in at different parts of the song later, that adds a really nice feeling to the song. But then it end so abruptly… 8.5/10
  2. Qwazars – WOOOOOW. Talk about a great intro! It doesn’t feel like the usual, primitive, outdated kind of house that I like. It’s almost like Mr. Fingers is trying to make some progress in house music! The way that the dreamy bassline and the drums combine is really nice. And when that piano comes in, I just can’t help but to think about Boards Of Canada. Especially when that dude begins talking. The beat is really nice too. This song makes me want to go out on a sunny day and ride my bicycle. That damn piano at 3:40 is so good. Like damn. This song is REALLY good. Just an incredible track. 9.8/10, should have been longer
  3. Nodyahed – Ah yes, tribal drumming. Now this is what I meant with the primitive house. Literally primitive house (or atleast the intro). Then this ambientish synth comes in and this dude begins to talk and you’re just sitting there, drooling. Is this music legal? So far, this album is in the top 3 EPs of the year (wait, I have ONLY heard 3 EPs released this year, oops). A really comfy guitar appears out of the blue and makes it a tad better. 7/10
  4. Aether – DREAM HOUSE. This is a quality intro. The synth is like out of a dream. So this is what they mean with ambient house? I have never actually listened to too much ambient house (or house in general, I’m more of a IDM kind of person). But yeah, it sounds like something out of a soundtrack (again). But this time it’s not from a Blade Runner remake (don’t get me started), but maybe from a dramatic chick flick (wait no, not really). This track has also a comfy guitar + piano combo. The beat is really nice too, repetitive, but good. Overall, this track seems a tad too dramatic. 9.1/10 (just what PITCHFORK GAVE A MOON SHAPED POOL, GOD DAMN YOU, PITCHFORK!)


really good.



AND IT’S A SOCCER SONG, JESUS CHRIST. This song is supposed to be the anthem for the Euro 2016, and I really hope it’s not extremely poppy (I know it will be, though) But come on, It’s Manic Street Preachers, what can go wrong? It was released yesterday by the way, and I didn’t know about it. I just was listening to “The Holy Bible” and then I was like “Hey, if The Stone Roses released a new song, why wouldn’t Manic Street preachers too?” And I shit you not, there WAS a new song.

I just hope it isn’t as bad as the cover looks like.

It opens up with a really excited soccer commentator talking about Wales or something? Then the song begins, and it’s pretty damn smug. The guitar riff actually isn’t that bad actually. But this just feels wrong, seriously. It definitely is the sound of Manic Street Preachers, but I never expected to see them make a football anthem. The song is cheesy, but it’s not THAT bad. I just am not sure if I would listen to it again. The verse is what makes the song worse than it is. It’s like “A Design for Life”, but cheesier. Uhh, yeah, it was pretty ok. Will this be sung for the Euro in pubs or something? Hopefully, yeah, because it’s not that bad of a song.

It’s definitely an 8/10