Kabuku EP by Tricot


I didn’t know that the best Japanese math-core band (just kidding, toe. are better) had released an EP this year. I had a Tricot phase for a month, at the beginning of the year. Seriously, they were the only thing I listened to.

Let’s get to it

  1. Nichijo_Seikatsu     6/10 Where’s the math drums though? Are they going in to a poppier path? They sing incredible, that’s something undeniable, but without the math-core part, it’s kinda pointless. Oh, there is a nice guitar in the last 20 seconds
  2. 節約家     7/10 Now we’re talking! This is just what I needed. God, they sound so much like Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs, but less post-hardcore. Still lit. Once again, the vocals are so good!! To be honest, I’m forcing myself too much to like this, it isn’t as good as their other stuff.
  3. あーあ     9/10 Nice intro. NICE VOCALS. NICE EVERYTHING DAMN.
  4. i took a break to listen to some mars volta, god they’re so good.
  5. プラスチック     8/10 ITS LIT
  6. 青い癖     10/10 ah. aaah. aah. ahh.

This EP is a 6/10, not that bad but not that good either. The last song was incredible though, like seriously, this might be their best song. It has THE sound.

It just didn’t feel that much like Tricot.

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