All For One by The Stone Roses


Oh god. It’s a new Stone Roses single, they haven’t released anything in like, 20 years or something.

I just hope it doesn’t suck. It’s kind of cliché when a mythical band hasn’t released anything for a long time and then they come back with bad generic songs (The Stooges made a comeback in 2009) (also, the new LSD And The Search For God was a dissapointment too)

Let’s get to it.

Well, there is no denying it, it really sounds like The Stone Roses. But god this is the definition of beer commercial rock. I think they’re playing it safe, or maybe they just lost their spark of greatness and just went ahead and made uninspired music (which this song is) The lyrics are extremely cheesy, PAINFULLY cheesy. I can’t keep listening to this, I’m going to go listen to some Beach Boys now.

My respect for The Stone Roses is still strong, but god this song was horrible. Please don’t do songs like this one, thanks. This is a 5/10, the guitar solo was impressive though.

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