Outer Acid EP aka Mr. Fingers 2016 by Mr. Fingers


talk about a bad cover

Alright, I have never listened to Mr. Fingers. I don’t even know who he is, but I’m pretty sure this EP is going to kick ass. The genres listed in RYM are Chicago House, Deep House, Ambient House and Acid House. Wow, that’s a lot ouf houses. What can go wrong? Let’s do this

  1. Outer Acid – Wow this sounds really nice. The synth or whatever it is in the very beginning of the track is S I C K. Now this is something that I would like hearing in a soundtrack for a space noir film or something. Blade Runner remake. Brrr, just thinking about someone remaking Blade Runner makes me want to punch a dog. Alright, back to the song. The track itself is really repetitive and heavy, but in a good way. I really like it, nothing incredible but it isn’t bad. Really minimalistic. At 4:20 (ha) a really nice distorted synth appears and fades in at different parts of the song later, that adds a really nice feeling to the song. But then it end so abruptly… 8.5/10
  2. Qwazars – WOOOOOW. Talk about a great intro! It doesn’t feel like the usual, primitive, outdated kind of house that I like. It’s almost like Mr. Fingers is trying to make some progress in house music! The way that the dreamy bassline and the drums combine is really nice. And when that piano comes in, I just can’t help but to think about Boards Of Canada. Especially when that dude begins talking. The beat is really nice too. This song makes me want to go out on a sunny day and ride my bicycle. That damn piano at 3:40 is so good. Like damn. This song is REALLY good. Just an incredible track. 9.8/10, should have been longer
  3. Nodyahed – Ah yes, tribal drumming. Now this is what I meant with the primitive house. Literally primitive house (or atleast the intro). Then this ambientish synth comes in and this dude begins to talk and you’re just sitting there, drooling. Is this music legal? So far, this album is in the top 3 EPs of the year (wait, I have ONLY heard 3 EPs released this year, oops). A really comfy guitar appears out of the blue and makes it a tad better. 7/10
  4. Aether – DREAM HOUSE. This is a quality intro. The synth is like out of a dream. So this is what they mean with ambient house? I have never actually listened to too much ambient house (or house in general, I’m more of a IDM kind of person). But yeah, it sounds like something out of a soundtrack (again). But this time it’s not from a Blade Runner remake (don’t get me started), but maybe from a dramatic chick flick (wait no, not really). This track has also a comfy guitar + piano combo. The beat is really nice too, repetitive, but good. Overall, this track seems a tad too dramatic. 9.1/10 (just what PITCHFORK GAVE A MOON SHAPED POOL, GOD DAMN YOU, PITCHFORK!)


really good.

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