Waste Yrself by Teen Suicide REVIEW


I was originally going to review their new album, but it’s ONE HOUR LONG. I’m not in the mood to review an album, so here comes WASTE YRSELF, Teen Suicide’s fourth (or second?) EP!

  1. Lonely Boy Goes To A Rave – Is that a sample intro or some dude actually mad? When the instruments come in, it feels like a damn Fidlar song, but much much better. This is somre real Lo-Fi stuff. I dig it. OOOooOOOOOoooo (nice vocal melodies). This is so good, like that guitar just KILLS ME. 8/10
  2. Benzo – Is this midwest emo? Because it feels like a noisy midwest emo release. Drums are on point and so are the vocal melodies (once again). Damn these guys really like vocal harmonies, don’t they? This song is almost crushing, almost Goslings-tier noise. 7,8/10
  3. Haunt Me (x3) – Now this is some S A D  S T U F F. That intro is devastating, and it gets EVEN MORE devastating when that dude begins to half whisper half sing his way thru the song. It actually could be a hit if it had cleaner production, but who needs clean production anyways? OOOOoooh, vocal harmonies again. At 1:50, a really noisy unindentefied instrument plays some haunting solo and that KILLED ME.  9,7/10
  4. Everything Is Going To Hell – More midwest emo intros, twinky shit. Ok, this is the single most midwest emo song in the entire record so far. Is this Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely State)? Everything is going to hell, damn, that title describes the feeling of this song almost perfectly. 8,8/10
  5. Falling In Love – 

    This but with the dude crying his soul out. 

    This is a nice little song that actually gets better when the others instruments kick in. It felt like I was listening to Pixies for a second there. 9/10

  6. Salvia Plath – Yes! This was the first song that I actually heard by them and it blew me away. That distorted lo-fi piano melody is KILLER. It actually hurts a bit when the dude starts to sing because, damn, that’s lofi af. But this is my favorite song in the album apart from Haunt Me (x 3). Flawless track 10/10
  7. doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2 – Another song that could be a damn hit if they weren’t so damn lo-fi. But like I said before, there is absolutley nothing wrong with some RAW production. Anyways, this is one of the least noisy tracks in the whole EP. I really like that acoustic guitar in the background. I wouldn’t mind having it in a chill playlist. It reminds me of Jamie Stewart (the singer) in some bits, probably because of the feeling of hopelessness. 8,5/10
  8. we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (acoustic) – Last track of the EP and it’s GHOSTIE. Forget that I said that track 7 is the least noisy, how didn’t I think that a song with (acoustic) wouldn’t be mega chill? There are some seconds were the singer sounds like Jeff Mangun + Jeff Buckley and it’s really good. A great closer. 9/10


I recommend it if you like noisy, sad music.

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