Magic Potion’s new singles

I discovered this band in a free Record Store Day CD and immediately fell in love with their music, they’re as comfy as Mac Demarco (and it’s almost impossible to get in such a level of comfiness) Magic Potion’s new album will be released in eight years, and these are the singles that they’ve released for it so far.


First off we have “Milk”, which starts with a nice guitar riff, then the drums kick in and so does the bass. As expected from Magic Potion, the vocals are comfy. This is really nice, I would chill to this everyday. There aren’t that many changes in the song (the drums change patter now and then, but that is all) Still a damn good song. Oh, there is also a comfy guitar solo, and the bass is pretty smooth then. Yeah, this wasn’t so bad after all.


Next off we have “Cola Boyys”, I hope it’s as comfy as last song. Oh, it’s not as comfy, but it’s definitely as good. This song has energetic drums and a smooth bass. It also has a The Unicorns vibe going, I think it’s like that because these guys are lo-fi/indie/comfy. The guitar is pretty damn nice too, the vocals aren’t extraordinary, but they’re alright. It’s an ok song, just a little worse than last song. I WANT COMFY SONGS!


Last but not least, we have their latest single, “Jelly”. I expect this to be an ok song, just nothing special. Oh yes this is really comfy, better than last song anyways. This reminds me of the ending song from Adventure Time. The guitar is really good in this song. I just can’t describe how much I like this song. It’s got an underwater feeling in it. I like the part when the drums go full “Just Like Honey”. That has to be the best moment in the song.


Yes. This singles are the reason why I should be hyped for their new album, “Gum”. I can’t wait for it. (actually, I can.) But yeah, they were overall comfy and nice singles. I hope the album is this good (it probably will)

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