Halfway to a Threeway by Jim O’Rourke


Oh yes! Jim O’Rourke, I have heard a lot about him but I have never really listened to his solo stuff (I know that he was in my second favorite band of all time, Sonic Youth). Now, this EP looks really comfy, just look at that album cover. But it may be something dark, I would not be surprised if he followed the good ol’ “misleading album cover” trick (damn it, DIscordance Axis). Let’s do it!

  1. Fuzzy Sun – Wow, this was even more comfy than I expected. I adore that guitar in the background, so good! But it isn’t incredible, it’s just right. Have I mentioned that the guitar is almost math-rock). Damn! 8,5/10
  2. Not Sport, Martial Art – S A D. This reminds me a lot of post-rock, like the early stuff. This is  a really good track, the instruments fit together like a glove. It also feels kind of jazzy in some spots? I’m not sure why. But the guitar kicks ass AGAIN. Some weird instrument kicks in and everything gets so DAMN GOOD. This is a 10/10 track för helvete! Incredible.
  3. The Workplace –  Is this another post-rock track but this time with vocals? I have to admit that I don’t like how he sings that much, but that doesn’t really bother me that much. He’s a great guitar player, like seriously, the stuff he plays sounds like something that would need 2 guitars +. This song reminds me of late Sonic Youth too, probably because of the percussion. This is by far, the comfiest track in the whole EP, but maybe the last track will be able to take the price. But it still feels like being in front of a fireplace while cuddling with your cat or something. The weird trumpetish instrument is back and god damn it this is so good I want to cry. 10/10
  4. Halfway to a Threeway – Here we are now, the last track of the EP. Really comfy, I’m gonna look at the lyrics

I used to have none
Now with you, I’ve got one
If I could get just one more
Then you know what you’re in for

You ain’t getting any sleep tonight
I hope that you girls don’t fight
And I hope that you won’t run away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

I tried again and again
To indulge in just one sin
All you have to do is lie there
While I push aside your wheelchair

And I do everything it takes
To change your mind and apply your brakes
So I know that you can’t roll away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

Can’t wipe the smile off my face
When you strut by in your leg brace
You just can’t climb the stairs
And you ain’t got any hair

I just can’t get you to sit
You and your stupid epileptic fits
And I know that you can’t run away
‘Cause I’m halfway to a threeway

As I lay you down on my bed
It don’t matter that you’re brain dead
I can get so you close to ya
Now that you’re in a coma

I’ll make it sweet but short
When I pull out your life support
And I know that you’ll just fade away
Now I’m halfway to a threeway
And I know that you’ll just fade away
Now I’m halfway to a threeway

What the fuck man. Anyways, this track didn’t that the prize for comfiest song in EP, but it takes the prize for most fucked up lyric in the whole EP. Still a great track 9/10



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