You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs) by Another Sunny Day

ladda ned (12)

This is an EP by jangle pop/twee pop band Another Sunny Day, I’ve hear that they’re great so I decided to check this EP out. It was released on 1989, and it’s their only EP. I have only listened to the first song, and I really liked it. (It sounded a lot like The Smiths)

The first song is You Should All Be Murdered. The guitar at the intro is incredible, and the bass is comfy, just like it should be. The vocals remind me of Morrissey’s, that’s a good thing. The chorus is so damn good though. There isn’t much to say about the song, apart that it’s incredible. If this would be The Smiths, it would be their best song.

Another Sunny Day also sounds a lot like Beat Happening, but more 80’s sounding. The vocals aren’t as good as last song. The lyrics are pretty good too. The bass is pretty good. When he sings “So very grateful”, he sounds a lot like the singer from The Chameleons, or maybe The Sound. So yeah, this is simply put a great jangle song.

Finally, we have Green. This one is incredible, just a little cheesy. I really love the vocals though, they’re really comfy. He sings so damn good. The drums are a little repetitive, but that’s fine.

Sorry, I took a pause to listen to the first song again, it’s just too wonderful. Seriously one of their best song i’ve heard. I liked this EP for it’s ability to give us danceable tunes mixed in with comfy basslines and soothing vocals. This has to be on my top 5 EP’s, ever.

I’m going to give this a 9.3/10, god what a good EP. I’m going to listen to more Sarah Record releases, they sound incredible.

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