The Love Of Yesterdays by Dog Thumbs


This album (or is it an EP? I am not sure) was released today, and I can’t remember how I found it. I think I was browsing some bandcamp tags and I really liked the cover (Those are really some nice jeans) So I listened to the first song to see if it was good and I fell in love with it. Now, I haven’t listened to the other songs, but I think they will be as good.     Listen to it here, by the way

So what am I waiting for? Let’s go!

  1. Self Indulgence     9/10 Nice opener, I really dig his voice! The chord progression is also incredible. Don’t let me get started on how much I like the lyrics, they’re just too relatable to be true. There isn’t so much to say about this song since it’s kinda short, but god that was a great song.
  2. Your Memes are too Niche     10/10 This song has one of the comfiest intros of the year. Just as I expected, his voice is still on point and the guitar is actually better than last song. He is just so good at writing lyrics, how does he do it? Words can’t describe how much I like this, it just feels like this is the album I’ve been looking for all these years.
  3. Holden and Me are Phonies     8/10 Ah, yes. The intros are always so good, this guy really has talent. Sadly, I don’t like the vocals that much in this song. It just doesn’t have the same feeling as the ast songs. The lyrics are still good. 01:27 is really good though.
  4. About 15040 Miles     8.5/10 Yeah, this wasn’t bad at all. I can’t just come and scream how I wish it was longer, because some songs just have to be the time they’re sometimes. His voice is at least better than in last song.
  5. Chump     9/10 This has the best lyrics in the album, they just feel so refreshing. I liked the guitar (as always, since it’s the only instrument in the album). The outro had its charm too, just how he casually said swing in the end (that’s one of my musical fetishes too) And this was the last song in the album, the next one is a Front Bottoms Cover, and I’ve been waiting for it since I clicked play on this album. I just love The Front Bottoms, man.
  6. Not So Secret Hidden Track (TFB cover)     10/10 GOD THAT WAS AWESOME, I LOVE WHEN THE LAST SONG IS THE BEST SONG. There are literally no flaws in this song. Combining his incredible voice with TFB lyrics? God that’s genius. Well done.

This album was way better than I expected. I really dig his voice, I think I’m going to listen to his demo (which he released earlier this year) I mean, the cover isn’t that good but maybe the music is as good. This has to be one of the EPs of the year (if that’s what it is) Just an incredible album, definitely a 9/10

Keep doing what you do, because you really have talent!

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