When Will I Return? by Swans


Swans are back with a new single, “When Will I Return?”. This is a single for their new album that will be released the 17th June. It’s going to be called “The Glowing Man” and will be their last album (RIP SWANS) I can already feel that the album is going to be one of the best of the year.

Oh well, let’s just get into the review already.

“When Will I Return” begins with a guitar playing some chords, as a very Swans synth plays in the background. Then Michael Gira’s wife starts singing, and god her voice is beautiful. It’s almost as good as Björk’s voice. As expected, the lyics are very Swans. The song keeps getting more and more intense as she keeps singing. Then the drums kicks in and the song starts sounding A LOT like “Bring The Sun” (from To Be Kind) I think they said in an interview that they made this song by jamming Bring The Sun, that’s pretty cool. The vocals sing “I am alive” (or that’s what I think they say anyways. Then the song just fades out.

This song was just incredible, and I hope it’s longer in the album. It was too short to be a Swans song, and it felt like it was going to build up to something even bigger and more epic. Oh well, it was still awesome. An 8.5/10 in my opinion. I’m pretty sure the album is going to be even better.

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