The Straight Story by David Lynch (David Lynch marathon part 2)


Released in the 15th October 1999. The genres are “road movie”, “drama” and biopic. It is 1 hour 52 minutes long.


Alright, based on the genres I think this is going to be pretty boring (or at least not that good) At least the music is made by Angelo Badalamenti (he did the music for Twin Peaks, and it’s wonderful) I really like the poster too. OH GOD. IT IS A DISNEY MOVIE WHAT THE FUCK

Ok let’s dive into it. I hope it doesn’t suck.


I am 100% sure of is that this has to be the slowest movie I’ve ever seen. I like how the more he travels the more we get to know about him. Oh right, I haven’t told the plot yet. It’s about an old man that travels on a lawnmower to see his brother, who just had a stroke. They haven’t met in 10 years. It is based on a true story, that means that an old man actually travelled 240 miles on a lawnmower (He sadly died two years after)

Something that was incredible was the character development. Everyone had a little backstory, even the characters that appeared for 5 minutes. The another thing that was fantastic was the astonishing backgrounds. I didn’t know that the USA could have such beautiful landscapes. Seriously, it was all just really nice to look at.

A thing that I think that was less good was that it was a little boring. I mean, if I would have known that it was 80% lawnmower 20% silence then I would have not watched it. Some of the most “intense” moments was when he was going downhill on his lawnmower like, really fast. There was a moment were there was a storm, but nothing bad happened to him. Another “nail biter” was when a truck went past him really quickly and his hat flew away, so he had to stand up and get it.


He actually had the hat in real life too! This is them by the way

While watching the movie I thought that it was pretty boring, but looking back at it I now realise that it wasn’t that bad at all. It had it’s moments, and I am weak for old people. The story was good, the landscapes were really good and the soundtrack was spot on (Thank you Angelo Badalamenti) The whole thing in generall works pretty damn well. That’s why I would give this a 7.5/10

Next up is “The Elephant Man”, and I really hope it’s worth the Oscar it got.

The great (mini) David Lynch marathon (Part 1)


The day has come. We will be marathoning a couple of David Lynch movies, based off their difficulty (credit goes to Ayesiwmae)

David Lynch is an american film director, screenwriter and even a musician (I really like his music) His most famous film has to be “The Elephant Man”, which gained an Oscar. I have only watched Eraserhead and the whole first season of Twin Peaks (still working on the second season) Don’t expect good reviews, you know how lazy we are. We’re probably going to write which parts we liked the most and if it’s 1n 8/10 or 5/10

First off will be “The Straight Story”, and it looks meh-ish. I am not ready for this.




Colour by The Avalanches


Holy molly. I was kind of worried of the new album since Frankie Sinatra came out, but now, with this track, I realized that there is literally nothing to worry about.

Colour is a really sweet neo-psychedelic track. It reminds me a lot of Black Moth Super Rainbow and some Animal Collective (must be the vocals).

When the song began, I thought that they had made a synthwave track, but then the percussion kicks in and a lot of mega dreamy things happen at the same time. I really love the xylophone thingy that sounds across all of the song. There is even a xylophone solo, it’s incredible. Something more that I really like is the reversed audio in some parts, it sounds really great.

Overall, this track is a very warm, summer-ish kind of song. I really hope it becomes a hit or something, it would be awesome.