Colour by The Avalanches


Holy molly. I was kind of worried of the new album since Frankie Sinatra came out, but now, with this track, I realized that there is literally nothing to worry about.

Colour is a really sweet neo-psychedelic track. It reminds me a lot of Black Moth Super Rainbow and some Animal Collective (must be the vocals).

When the song began, I thought that they had made a synthwave track, but then the percussion kicks in and a lot of mega dreamy things happen at the same time. I really love the xylophone thingy that sounds across all of the song. There is even a xylophone solo, it’s incredible. Something more that I really like is the reversed audio in some parts, it sounds really great.

Overall, this track is a very warm, summer-ish kind of song. I really hope it becomes a hit or something, it would be awesome.


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