If You Were Here I Wouldn’t Be Miserable by h i d e a n y w a y


(listen to it here my dudes)

h i d e  a w a y are a new band which released their debut album earlier this year (going to review that one as soon as I finish this one) I’m going to listen to them because they have gorgeous covers and because their genres are pretty much all of my favourites (shoegaze, emo, dream pop). The band also seems like, super nice. I just know this is gonna be great!

Let’s just get to the album

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Euonia by Invalids


Ah, yes. Euonia by Invalids. This album is a personal classic, and I thought “hey, why not review it?” so here I am. I found this album a long time ago before I had gotten into emo (i only could name American Football and Snowing, which I should eventually review someday too) I found this band thanks to this math rock flowchartwhich I highly recommed if you want to get into this kind of music.

Oh yeah, the album. This is Invalid’s debut album, which was released on January 31, 2012. You can listen to it right here! I haven’t listened to this in a very long time, I only remember it being really good. Pretty technical too (a lot of guitar wankery in this album)

Let’s get right into the album!

  1. Sherman Is Connector     10/10 This song has to have one of the best intros I’ve ever heard. It simply starts with some twinkly guitars and then some secinds later some cool ass drums kick in. The vocals are surprisingly good to be midwest emo, they’re kind of poppy though. This song doesn’t feel like just one song, but a lot of short songs put into one. I mean there are so many different parts (that’s a good thing, of course. I mean I wouldn’t mind the song being just the opening riff, but that would of course get repetitive after two minutes) The last minute consists of hardcore guitar wankery, and the drums remind me of Zach Hill’s drumming (THE MAN HIMSELF) Anyways, this was a great song, pretty much the perfect emo song. Will the next song be as good? Let’s find out!
  2. It’s a Pipe Bomb, Jobriath     10/10 God this is comfy, I think it’s the vocals fault. This song reminds me an extremely lot of Tricot’s guitar wankery. I dig the screams in this song, actually, I have lately begun to like screams in my songs. It’s nice in it’s own way. Holy shit, I didn’t realise before but the drums are incredible. Just like the first song, this one also feels like various songs in one. Did I mention how much I like the guitar in this album? 04:52 reminds me a lot of The Mars Volta. Oh yeah this song was so damn good. Another 10. IS THIS ALBUM A 10/10?! WE GOTTA FIND OUT!!! (The last 10 seconds are incredible, really makes you think about how good the percussion really is)
  3. Diastole     9/10 holy shit, I just don’t know what to say. this really might be a 10/10 album (or 9 something) The bad thing with this song is that I don’t remember nothing from it.
  4. J Whiting, From Our Hearts We Send Thee     9.8/10 As always/expected, another great intro. I have pretty much said everything that there is to say about this album in the first two songs (extreme guitar wankery, technical drums and nice vocals) Something that’s different about this song is that it does not feel like a lot of songs in one, but a very well constructed one. Yeah this was pretty great.
  5. School Social     10/10 Oh damn now that has to be the best intro in the album, it puts the intro to Sherman Is Connector to shame. This song is much more energetic than the last song. Instead of one person singing like always, there seems to be two vocalists in this one. I just realised how complicated the time signatures are in this song, does this count as prog rock? This just has to be the best song in the album, I didn’t remember it being this good. 03:10 is one of the best moments in the album, I just love how the guitar wankery fades out and we get a xylophone (along with a non twinkly guitar). That was pretty much the perfect outro.
  6. Ursine Valor     9/10 I simply have run out of things to say, that’s a huge flaw in the album. That every song is so good but yet so similar. Every single song has the good intro, the incredible last minute and the HARDCORE DRUMMING. So from now on, let the numbers speak.
  7. Far Away Cranes     9/10
  8. Steinborgium    8.7 /10
  9. I’d Rather Be Driving; Skyscrapers     9/10
  10. And Was It Worth It in the End?    8 /10

The music was honestly incredible, the guitar playing was out of this world and the vocals were surprisingly good to be “””emo”””. The percussion/drums were extremely technical, like seriously. I really like it.

a HUGE problem with the album is that after 5 songs it just starts getting frustatingly repetitive. I remember nothing from this album, since it all sounded the same. (Actually, the thing I remember the most is the Mars Volta sounding part in “It’s A Pipe Bomb, Jobriath)

The rating for this album would be an 8.5/10, really good album. Check it out if you are into mathy stuff

WILDFLOWER by The Avalanches


Wow. 16 years after their debut studio album and literally 16 years in the making, the second album by The Avalanches finally arrived. Of what we have heard from the singles of the album, is that it will probably be a really psychedelic plunderphonics + hip hop record. Let’s not forget that the first EP that The Avalanches released was a Beastie Boys-like rap album. Pretty weird for these Australian DJs. Now, let’s hope that the whole album is a little bit more like Colours and less like the not-as-good Frankie Sinatra

Let’s dive into it

  1. The Leaves Were Falling – Wow now that’s what I call a cough! There was a shitty guitar riff in the background and some people talking, but it was pretty ok. 5/10
  2. Because I’m Me (feat. Camp Lo) – Holy shit! This is great. Loving the intro, it gives me SILY vibes. Now, when the instrumental behing gets clearer and Camp Lo starts rapping, the track becomes WAY TOO GOOD. The sample from the intro appears frequently in this song, I personally got nothing about that. I also have to tell that I love the parts where it just like gets all muffed up in some parts? It reminds me of the good ol’ future funk days. The rapping is really good in this track, it’s just great. 9,5/10
  3. Frankie Sinatra (feat. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) – AAAAAH FRANKIE SINATRA. Is that an ELECTRO SWING SONG? In an Avalanches album? Ok we get it, making fun of this track is getting pretty old. I gotta admit that it got it’s own sort of fun vibe. My favorite part of the song is MF Doom’s verse. He will never be not-good.The track overall is not THAT great. 5/10
  4. Subways – Now we go from electro swing to some of the most psychedelic nu-disco track I’ve heard. Apart from being nu-disco, it attracts some dream pop vibes to it, probably because of the synths. I really like the sample that this is built on, but it gets kind of repetitive. A problem that makes this track not as great, is that it feels like they’re tweeking and changing samples too abruptly. Plus, I don’t really like the way the sample changes pitch in some parts, it sounds just annoying. But that doesn’t make the track much worse. 8/10
  5. Going Home – Subways flowed perfectly into this track. It is some real RnB stuff. The same sample from Subways keep on going strongly in the background with this weird phased effect. Yet another song that reminds me of the dark future funk times. But it doesn’t make the track worse. It is enjoyable and good. 8,5/10
  6. If I Was A Folkstar (feat. Toro Y Moi) – Toro Y Moi in an Avalanches track? I’ve never listened to them, but I recognize their name. Now, this track fades in with this really hot sample of a piano thinghy plus some claps (?) and passing cars. It kind of reminds me of that kind of indie pop like MGMT and Passion Pit. Samples of people talking appear frequently in the track. In the second minute, the vocals begin and I gotta admit that I love it. It’s a really comfy track, I really wish it could be super famous or something. I wouldn’t really mind hearing this off the radio. Just a great, great track. 9/10
  7. Colours (feat. Jonathan Donahue) – Colours is an incredible dream pop song. Everything blends and merges prefectly, from the xylophone to the synths. It is also a very “summer”ish song, it’s warm and energetic in it’s own way. ike I said in my single review of this track, ithe instrumental reminds me of Black Moth Super Rainbow, while I get Animal Collective vibes from the vocals. A really good track. 9,5/10
  8. Zap! – Holy shit this is some psychedelic stuff. This track feels really emotional from the intro, a rather sad violn/unindentifed instrument + the vocals of a woman that reminds me of that Boards Of Canada track where they sample something from a porn movie(?). Then the track cuts off to some people talking and it ends just like that. 9/10
  9. The Noisy Eater (feat. Biz Markie & Jean-Michel Bernard) – What is this intro? God that sounded terrible. Plus the first verse is kind of silly. I think that this track is pretty weak compared to the other tracks that have appeared in the album so far. After a really short interlude, they begin rapping again and the track kind of feels better? I don’t like the chorus that much either. But it’s a pretty fun song, just like it’s brother, Frankie. 7/10
  10. Wildflower – The title track is here! It begins really good with some synths that remind me of The Flaming Lips for some reason. And that was kind of it. It was one minute and fourteen seconds. Yep. 8/10
  11. Harmony – Is it just me or does this album sample a lot of pre 1970s music? Maybe to add more of that ultra neo psychedelic feeling. But that doesn’t stop this track from being the usual dreamy thing that it is. I really like the flute that appears in some parts. Really reminds me of Since I Left You, specially the vocals. It feels really tropical. Then there is a theremin and it’s really great. I use the word “really” a lot, don’t I? The title of this track describes it perfectly. Pure harmony. 9,7/10
  12. Live A Lifetime Love – This track begins abruptly with even more psychedelic stuff. MAn, this album sure is psychedelic. I can’t really describe the first moments of this track, but then some guy begins rapping and it’s just great. The dreamy samples + the rapping is sure great. I think that I just understood how they get the dreamy feeling for their tracks. They add some chorus singing some OOOOOOhs and a shit ton of textures. But this track was just a really pleasant listen. 9/10
  13. Park Music – Another 54 seconds interlude to the next track. More OOOOhs, like I expected plus some strings and some percussion + guitar. Nice. 8/10
  14. Livin’ Underwater (Is Something Wild) – Park Music fades perfectly into this track. Man, this reminds me of Fishmans, that’s how great it is. Jet another track that is named just like it feels like. You’re underwater and you can heat everything muffled from the surface. I really dig the vocals, but I wish that it would’ve been longer. 8,8/10
  15. The Wozard Of Iz (feat. Danny Brown) – Another Danny Brown track? I don’t really like the pitched up vocal samples, they remind me of top 40 pop songs. But the other vocals and the beat is really nice. Then, the track cuts off directly to yet another GREAT female vocal sample. When Danny begins rapping, the track just feels like a B-side from SILY. Maybe it was done already then. I don’t really like Danny’s rapping tho. The outro is magnific one again. 9,3/10
  16. Over The Turnstiles – Another interlude that goes on for 40 seconds. But the fact that they’re short does not make them bad. In fact, this is some extremley good stuff. There isn’t too much to say about this track tho. But it’s still a great way to fade a song to another. 9/10
  17. Sunshine – Ah yes, another intro that sounds like something out of SILY. These guys are really good at keeping their style, aren’t they? I really like how the loop some vocal parts, it reminds me of shitty vaporwave, but you know… good. It is another great upbeat track. The track still feels kind of repetitive, so that is kind of drags it down. Yet more strings and twinky sounds can be heard in the song. Overall, it feels kind of forgettable. 8/10
  18. Light Up – Sweet intro! It is another interlude song, but it’s ok, y’know. NOthing too much to say, it’s ok. 8,2/10
  19. Kaleidoscope Lovers – Jesus this song is great. I really like the synth thinghy, it reminds me (again) of those old indiepop hits. The track is loaded up with samples, so it’s kind of hard to describe. But if it’s something, then it’s the best song in the album. The vocals are very Beatles, if you ask me. Mayybe it goes with the concept (?) of the album? Y’know, retro sounding psychedelia. Best track of the album. 10/10
  20. Stepkids (feat. Jennifer Herrema & Warren Ellis) – Nice. Yet another song where the vocals are great. I also love the synth in the back. I’m wondering if it’s original or a sample. It just fits so well. I don’t really know what to say about this song, but I really like it.9,5/10
  21. Saturday Night Inside Out (feat. Father John Misty & David Berman) – Last song of the album! (well the extended mix of Frankie Sinatra doesn’t count). Now, this is what I call a danceable track. It just feels so nice, specially the whole damn intro. It kind of sounds like something out of a game soundtrack, but that isn’t that bad either. Then there’s a spoken word part that is… ok. The song kind of loops itself over and over again, but it’s still just great. 9/10


So this was the long awaited Avalances record. It wasn’t half bad! But i’m not sure if they  will ever release something ever again…

Nothing Feels Good by The Promise Ring

Sorry for the long pause, I was busy with my other blog…

Today I will be reviewing “Nothing Feels Good” by The Promise Ring. This album is an absolute emo classic, yet I have not listened to it. Actually, I have only listened to “How Nothing Feels” and I really liked it, I don’t know why I didn’t keep listening to it.

Let’s dig into it!

  1. Is This Thing On?     7.9/10 Nice intro, this is kinda poppy, but good. I really dig the bass! The vocals are nothing special though. I think this has THE sound? Damn… Really nice chorus too. Yeah, this is a good opener, but nothing special.
  2. Perfect Lines     8/10 This is pretty good, I dig the guitar riff at the intro. The drums are better than last song, and the bass is on point too. As expected, these aren’t good lyrics. At all. But hey, it’s midwest emo, so I totally expected this. The last 10 seconds remind me of REM for a reason.
  3. Red & Blue Jeans     10/10 This is how it’s supossed to sound, twinkly guitars and an overall comfy bass. Hell yeah! Now, there isn’t that much to say about this song, apart that it’s fucking awesome. Well done, Promise Ring!
  4. Why Did We Ever Meet     9/10 This really sounds familiar, I think it is because it’s their most famous song. That is definitely not a bad thing, but it’s just not as good as last song. The chorus is banging though. EXTREMELY GOOD AT 03:22, THIS IS THE SOUND MY DUDES.Make Me a Chevy     8.5/10 Really good intro, once again, this is just how it’s supposed to sound. The vocals are kind of better in this song. This song is really comfy, and I like it for that. 01:25 to 01:53 is so great, it’s almost sickening.
  5. Make Me a Chevy     8.5/10 Really good intro, once again, this is just how it’s supposed to sound. The vocals are kind of better in this song. This song is really comfy, and I like it for that. 01:25 to 01:53 is so great, it’s almost sickening.
  6. How Nothing Feels     6/10 Damn…
  7. A Broken Tenor     7/10 Ohh, post-hardcore-ish sounding bass, I like it! When the vocals kick in, the song gets a little worse, but not too much to make me skip it. The chorus is just a little bad (just kidding it’s kinda despicable) It’s an ok song, it just should have kept the post-hardcore sound from the intro.
  8. Raspberry Rush     9/10 This reminds me of The Microphones, maybe it’s because of the comfy ass bass? The soothing guitar melodies? The minimalistic but energetic drums? God knows. This is actually just what I needed, emo-ish The Microphones.
  9. Nothing Feels Good     8/10 Cool intro. When the drums kick in, it gets so much better (the song, that is) Seriously, nice song and as always, pretty bad lyrics (but it adds to the aestethic, so it’s ok) The song was way too short though.
  10. Pink Chimneys     9/10 Yes. This some quality shit. This album is something extremely rare in “midwest emo”, the rare thing is that it has such a smooth bass. The bass is pretty much the most important thing in this song. The drums are also rad in this song. There is not that much to say about the guitar, there are no twinkly riffs.
  11. B Is for Bethlehem     8/10 This album is getting kinda repetitive, isn’t it? There isn’t much to say about this song since it’s just like any other song. But it’s still pretty nice.
  12.  Forget Me     8/10 ;_;7 Strong closer, I really dig the drums. This song reminds me of Jimmy Eat World (I’m not sure if that’s good or bad). Yeah it’s a pretty good song. 

    Well, there it is. I listened to this classic. Some songs were incredible, some were, uuh, less good?. It was just an average album, nothing out of this world. Red & Blue Jeans was definitely the best song in the album, it’s the perfect emo song.

    Based on the song ratings, this album would be a 7.7/10, an ok album.

染まる音を確認したら (Somaru Oto wo Kakunin Shitara) by 宇宙コンビニ(Uchu Conbini)

This was originally posted on my emo themed blog, which is now dead


I am not a huge fan of the cover

Midwest emo in Japanese? Now this is something i’ve always wanted to hear, hell yeah this is gonna kick ass!! Anyways, this album was released in October 30, 2013 and it’s their debut album (and only album so far) (EDIT WHILE I LISTEN TO THE FIRST SONG AND SEARCHING INFO ON THEM: FUCK, THEY DISBANDED LAST YEAR) I am expecting it to sound like Tricot, but more emo oriented.

  1. Pyramid     10/10 Words cannot express how much I am diging this (actually, yeah i think words can describe it, but i am a lazy piece of trash) I like the vocals, not common in the genre. She sings pretty damn good. The drums are nice too. YES, PINCH HARMONICS! MY MUSICAL FETISH!! AAAAAAAAH. Good guitar at 02:40, sounds hard to play-
  2. 8films     9/10 holy shit those guitars, now that’s what i call MATH rock (vol.7)
  3. Tobira     9/10 I like how the songs smoothly changed, I almost didn’t notice this was another song. I dig the bass, it’s the classic midwest emo bassline, I like that. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, her voice is breathtaking. I like the delay on the guitar in the last minute of the song, sounds really comfy.
  4. Compass     10/10 I know I say this a lot but, damn good intro. A good intro gives the listener the will to, well, keep listening. Cool bass in this song, it’s smooth as hell, pretty damn cool. Once again, well sung and also once again, nice guitar. This song sounds a lot like Tricot, it’s got pretty much the same sound. I think this is one of my favourite songs so far.
  5. Strings     9/10 The guitar in the intro reminds me of “Never Meant” by American Football, that’s of course a good thing. I just can’t stop writing about how good her voice sounds, but damn, it really is uncommon in midwest emo to… Well… Sing good. The drums are SO good in this song, they even made me air drum at some points.
  6. 裁判にかけられた男     10/10 THE GUITAR AT THE INTRO, DAMN. THEY ARE EVEN BETTER THAN “THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS” GUITAR WANKERY (and trust me, they are really good at it) This song was sadly too short.
  7. 体温     9/10 This is just how a closer song should sound. Like it’s saying goodbye and thanks you for your time. It wasn’t exactly the best song in the album but it works extremely well as a closer.

Man, the fact that they broke up breaks my heart, they were really talented, from the singer’s incredible voice to the bassist’s lines that will probably be stuck in my head for a couple hours. The guitarrist (whoever it is) is extremely good, perfect for math core. Don’t let me get started with how much i liked the drums in this album, they were simply put: perfect.


I hate always giving everything such good reviews but I (obviously) really love midwest emo, it’s perfect in every way  (if made correctly, of course) This is now in my top 3 Japanese math rock albums, that’s how much I liked it.

9.4/10 is what it is! Well done, Uchu Conbini!



Pale Marble Movie by Bicycle Sunday

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listen to it here if you want to

This is Bicycle Sunday’s newest album, it was released last month ( 9th of February, to be more precise) and by reading the Bandcamp description I can tell this is gonna be awesome. So yeah, i’ve got high expectations for this album.

  1. A Resounding Sense of Stability     9/10 This is really comfy! I like pretty much everything about this song. At least this is proof that midwest emo isn’t dead (what a relief) The lyrics are pretty good, it screams out honesty.
  2. Electricity Everywhere     9/10 I really dig Joe’s (the singer) voice in this song, it reminds me of the slow American Football songs, apart that this sounds a little better (or different)
  3. Theme From “Pacific Radio Fire”     8/10 Nice intro, but that’s pretty much it. good lyrics though.
  4. I Won’t     9/10 For some reason, this song sent chills down my spine, this song is the best one so far. This song is nostalgic in a way I can’t explain.
  5. An Infinite Supply of 35mm Film     9/10 I love the guitar picking at the intro of the song, very math rock-ish. The song gets extremely comfy when the bass kicks in:), i like it. IT GETS EVEN COMFIER WHEN MY MAN JOE BEGINS SINGING, I LOVE HIS VOICE!
  6. Home Could be Anywhere     8.5/10 Nice, I dig the drums in this one.
  7. Pacific Radio Fire     10/10 This is good. Really good. Actually, this might be the best song yet, “I Won’t” is almost as good as this one, but nah, this one is way comfier and, well, “emo”.
  8. Winter Rug     9/10 Good lyrics, man. I really hope they aren’t based on a true story. The instruments were alright, I sadly didn’t pay much attention
  9. The Greyhound Tragedy      9/10 THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE COMFIEST BASS LINES EVER, WOW.
  10. Your Father Died This Afternoon     9/10 Strong closer, I liked it!

This might be on my top 10 albums of the year (so far), I think that this album was incredible. Even if it was simple at times, it didn’t affect the quality of the songs (quality as enjoyment, not like, 180 kbps) So yeah, I can say I rather enjoyed this album. Even if it might not be the best in the genre, it still is an album worth to remember.

I would give this album a 8,95, but I’m going to round it up to a 9. Well done, Bicycle Sunday!

Marcellos Mixtape 2

This was originally posted on my emo themed blog, I am reposting all of my posts from that blog since I realised that I didn’t use it anymore

dude, you can listen to it here

This is a mixtape by someone called Marcello (EDIT: when writing this, i didn’t know that Marcellos wasn’t a person, but the label’s name. I think that gives it some kind of comedic vibe i guess, so I am not going to edit what it said), it features his favourite tunes. It was relased in 2013 and it’s avaiable to purchase on cassette (I can’t buy it because i’m broke and I don’t have a cassette player) It comes in a nice package, just look at it! It’s so cool!

Anyways, I hope the music is as nice as the package

  1. Liqour Quickly by Olde Pine     9.5/10 HEY, THIS IS PRETTY GOOD. THIS IS SOME QUALITY DRUMMING. No, seriously, I really dig this song, I might check the band out. Nice mix so far, Marcello. Good taste by the way (if you’re reading this for some reason) THE LAST MINUTE IS GREAT, the synths remind me of The Anniversary.
  2. Hayam Wuruk by Chuck Bass    8/10 oh shit it’s screamo. It’s still nice got some nice instrumentation. Makes me wanna pick up a skateboard and skate away, apart that I can’t skate hahaha.
  3. Innsmouth by Always Wanted War     9/10 IT’S MORE SCREAMO, NICE! I DIG THE SINGER’S VOICE (scream voice, that is) Sounds really nice at 01:35, I like it. Reminds me of Silencer at 02:40 (that’s a good thing) (EDIT: AAAAAAAH THEY NOTICED ME WHAT’S GOING ON????? THANK YOU!!!)
  4. Anything Is Popsicle by Ghost Cat (nice band name)     9/10 THIS IS SO GOOD, IT HAS SOME REALLY NICE VIBES GOING
  5. Setbacks by Bicycles     10/10 This really sounds like something me and my brother would create. Everything with this song is great, from the energetic drums to the basslines to the crunchy guitar sound of theirs. Nice vocals too, I might check them out. THANKS MARCELLO FOR THIS MIXTAPE, I’M DISCOVERING SOME GOOD SHIT THANKS TO YOU.
  6. Call The Guiness Book by Finish This Together    6/10 Cool drums. I find the vocals a little annoying but that’s ok since it’s midwest emo. No, actually, this is more pop punk than anything i’ve heard. Does the vocals have autotune? Is it part of their aestethic? I don’t dig this so much.
  7. Stray by Gouge Away     10/10 Yo, this is cool as hell. I like the guitar and the vocals, they remind me of Crystal Castles (probably because she is screaming?????)
  8. Mosaic by I Found Myself In Austin, Texas    9/10 THIS IS GOOD, THE VOCALS MAY SOUND A LITTLE BAD BUT IT GIVES IT AN UNIQUE STYLE, I might check them out! Nice drums too.
  9. Back Again by Tiger Magic     10/10 NICE, it really reminds me of Lee Ranaldo’s voice, like in Skip Tracer by Sonic Youth. No seriously, this fucking rocks.
  10. Parody by Henri Parker & The Lowered Lids     9/10 DIG THE SYNTHS/ORGANS, it has folk punk vibes, that’s pretty nice
  11. Ride Bikes (I like that name) by Ashtray Monument     8/10 Not that bad, but not the best in the mixtape. Sounds like something my uncle would listen to (he is into punk and such) I would go to a concert of theirs tho, if they are nearby.
  12. Benno by Lost Girls     9/10 this is GREAT,  really like it! There isn’t much to say about it, since it sounds like most of the songs on this mixtape.
  13. Cellotape by Black Books     7/10 Nice vocals, sadly this mixtape is getting a little repetitive, so it sinks the rating a little. 02:15 to 02:30 was definitely the best moment.
  14. Eisenbahn (Marcello edit) by Lafftrak     9/10 Cool synths, nice everything.
  15. Divide These Days by Warehouse     8/10 I like the guitar. Pretty enjoyable
  16. Upon The Ruins by Sodium     7/10 Not my style, but the drums are good.
  17. Meine Blume by rha.     9/10 THIS IS GOOD(!!!) I LIKE THE TWINKY GUITARS
  18. Teenage Rampage by Phlegmatix     8/10 Good bass, I like the vocals, they remind me of a band that I can’t remember the name of, but they sounded a lot like this.
  19. Und Niemals Tourmalet by Torpedo Holiday     8/10 Good intro, this is the kind of song you want to play LOUD. Really dig this.
  20. Frayed by Cavalcades     9/10 Oooh, I like the sound of the guitar. Smooth bassline too. This song is pretty good. FINALLY A “MIDWEST EMO” SONG (it almost isn’t midwest)
  21. Lines In A Story by Starry     10/10 Dude, this is THE sound. Probably the best song in this mixtape so far. I don’t think it will get better than this.
  22. Under A Nail by Old Friends     10/10 Super sounding guitar riff at intro, really pleasant to listen to. This isn’t THAT bad. No, actually, this is really good! I like it!
  23. Acapulco Rain by Pilots.     10/10 WOW, WHAT’S THIS SONG? IT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE ANYTHING IN THE MIXTAPE. It reminds me of Arcade Fire, but a little better. This is the perfect song for a closer, a song that makes you dance and happy. This is definitely one of the best songs i’ve hear this year. Well done.

The mixtape had some really good songs by bands worth checking out, but it was a little too long for me to remember it all. At some point the songs started all sound the same, but the last 3 songs made me leave with a stupid grin stuck in my face. Specially the last song, that was awesome.

I just realised Marcellos isn’t a person, but the name of the label. Oh well…

This album is a 8.7/10, I might check out some bands from this mixtape.

Somewhere Else by Somebody’s Basement

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Yes, if you haven’t noticed, i’m going to listen to every single album labeled as midwest emo and review it. When i’m done with that i’m just gonna listen to every single emo album. And then, post-hardcore, maybe punk afterwards? Then all the punk subgenres, that means post-punk and shit. We’ll see if I manage to survive through it all.              EDIT: I MIGHT BE POSTING THIS IN ANOTHER BLOG BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP ME FROM STILL DOING THE THING. I AM going to listen to every single one of them, at least from the midwest emo genre.

Listen to the album right here my man

This album was released in July 2014. Just by looking at the album cover I can tell this album is gonna be hella comfy. Sadly, it seems that Somebody’s Basement broke up like, three years ago and this was their last album😦   If i like the album I might check out they other stuff, it depends if I dig them or not.

Here’s a review, I guess

  1. Sober And Alone     8/10 Well, it has trumpets so I like it. Hey, this isn’t that bad! I mean, Chris’s voice (the singer) is damn cool, but it isn’t really, uh, midwesty. It has everything a midwest song should have, but it feels more punk oriented than emo. IF I MADE A SONG IT WOULD PROBABLY SOUND LIKE THIS.
  2. Wethersfield, Forever!     9/10 NICE INTRO(!!!) I REALLY DIG THIS. Oh hey, his voice got a little more midwesty. These drums are cool as hell, well done Mike. The lyrics are alright. I like the guitar riffs from the last seconds
  3. Seeking Justice     9/10 holy shit… this is the soundtrack of thousands of white suburban kids (that’s kinda a good thing) “One more summer and i’m quitting this job, I said it last year, maybe i’ll mean it this year”, that was extremely nice.
  4. Punched In The Grief Bone     9/10 👌👌👌👌 My favourite part was when he sang “a neighbour” and repeated it, that’s just how I like my emo.
  5. Completely Craked    9 /10 Pop-punk-ish and fucking awesome. “I tried to kill myself but wait… no… look… please look? i’ve changed. see” Damn…
  6. Of All The Charlie Browns In The World, I Am The Charlie Browniest     9/10 Nice name, this has some nice bass lines and FINALLY SOME SCREAMS(!!!)
  8. I Think The Neighbor Kid Is Making Serious Strides     9/10 Oh god, did they just sing about a Snowing song? That fucking rocks, man. I love Snowing. DUDE, THAT’S A TIGERS JAW SONG, THIS BAND KNOWS WHAT’S UP. This is a damn good closer, I liked the last song better, but that wouldn’t have worked as a closer.

I think I will listen to their other stuff, because I really liked this album! To be honest, I was expecting it to be kinda bad but it was the exact opposite.

I would definitely go to a concert of theirs, but they don’t play anymore. This album has this kind of DIY, lo-fi aestethic, which I like because it feels more like they were playing for fun.

RIP Somebody’s Basement, I can’t believe I hadn’t listened to them yet and now it’s too late😦

A solid album worth to remember, 8.8/10



LONG SEASON ’96-7 96.12.26 Akasaka Blitz by Fishmans


IT’S LIKE A WISH COME TRUE                                                                                                                       A NEW FISHMANS ALBUM, AND IT IS LIVE TOO

You probably don’t know this, but 98.12.28 by Fishmans is my favourite album of all time, and having a new album by them (they haven’t released anything since 98.12.28, because the lead singer died 😦  ) is one of the best things that could happen to me. I’m going to stop talking now and just go ahead and listen to it.

Sorry in advance if it’s inflated, I just am so hyped

  1. Oh! Crime    8.8/10 YES, THROUGH THE WHOLE SONG I HAVE HAD A STUPID GRIN, I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE BACK (not really back BACK, but as a new release) It’s really nice to hear a new version of one of your favourite songs from your favourite songs. The vocals sound a little off, so that is a problem. This feels like a less good version of the 98.12.28 one. It’s still really damn good (there’s even a guitar solo, which was surprisingly good)
  2. Go Go Round This World!     9.5/10 Neat bass intro, I realy dig it. Actually, I can’t name a single Fishmans song with a weak bass. This song is definitely better than the last song, it just feels a less awkward. The drums at 01:45 are banging.                               I never expected Fishmans to sound this agressive and noisey, I love it. Shinji’s vocals are a lot better than last song. The last two minutes are really incredible.
  3. なんてったの     10/10 AAAAAAHHHHH THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD, JUST AS I EXPECTED FROM ONE OF THE BEST BANDS EVER. There isn’t that much to say, I just can say that this is probably what is played in heaven. The last 30 seconds are literally god tier.
  4. 土曜日の夜     10/10 It feels like this song is made to be played on hot summer days. Actually that’s what makes Fishmans perfect, they’re perfect to listen to in any season of the year, it’s like the world doesn’t have seasons, and it all is just one long season (heh). I hadn’t listened to this song before, it really is nice. One thing that I am sure of, is that this is pretty damn good. This has to be the best song yet.
  5. バックビートにのっかって     9.8/10 It feels like I’ve listened to this song before, but I don’t remember in what album it was on. This is really comfy, that’s for sure. The percussion is really on point in this song, it’s nice to listen to and it’s got some great rythm. I really love when Fishmans use the synth, it’s one of their best things. EVERYDAY IS WATCHING YOUUUUUUU
  6. エヴリデイ・エヴリナイト     9/10 Shinji’s vocals feel so soothing in this song, like he is singing you to sleep or something. Man, I didn’t remember the bass being so smooth in this song. The guitar solo (yes, there actually is one. Weird right?) was really neat. I am not a huge fan of ballad-Fishmans though, so that might be one of the problems with the song. But god, it’s Fishmans.
  7. Sunny Blue     9.3/10 Woah, this is agressive. I never expected that frim them. This is the first time I listen to this song, and I have to say it isn’t that bad. It definitely is not their best though. THE GUITAR IS HARDCORE AND SO ARE THE DRUMS. WHAT IS HAPPENING. The drums even remind me of some of the best post-hardcore Japanese bands. God that was an incredible song.
  8. Smilin’ Days, Summer Holiday      10/10 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH         THIS SONG IS A CLASSIC TUNE (for me, anyways) I LOVE IT WAY TOO MUCH, FROM IT’S COMFY AND CALMING INTRO TO THE GUITAR AT 03:15, EEVERYTHING IS IN IT’S RIGHT PLACE WHEN THIS SONG COMES ON. God I gotta stop writing in all caps, it’s really annoying. This might be the best Smilin’ Days version that they made, it puts the 98.12.28 version to shame.
  9. すばらしくてNice Choice     10/10 holy fucking shit
  10. 夜の想い     10/10 god this is one of the comfiest songs that i’ve ever heard. I KNOW I’VE LISTENED TO THIS SONG BEFORE, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT ALBUM IT WAS FROM. IT’S ON THE TIP OF MY TOUNGE (not really) I think it was on Neo Yankees Holiday? Oh well. I really love the synth at 03:15, it’s really Fishmans-ish. It feels like there is no audience, and that it’s just them performing to an empty local (Not true by the way, since you can hear the audience applauding at the end) I really love the guitar in this song, it’s so nice to listen to it should be illegal. I really love the lalala’s at 05:45, it’s one of the best things ever. The album has just gotten better and better.
  11. ナイトクルージング     /10 oh my god. itS NIGHT CRUISING AAAAAAHHHHHHH. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FISHMANS SONG (apart from Long Season, of course) UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN SO FAST SO FAST UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN NIGHT CRUISING. And guess what, it’s 9 minutes long. It’s like God listened to my prayers and decided to give us this miracle. I just can’t describe how much I like this song. It’s too good to be real
  12. Long Season (!!!)     11/10 The moment everyone has been waiting for. The jam of a lifetime, the greatest song ever made. But this time it’s an entire new version. I am not going to write about it, since it’s too good to be talked about. Just kidding I am going to write about it. One of my favourite things of this song has always been the piano loop, and how in the end it is the last thing playing. Instead of a comfy synth playing in THE part, we have a kind of distorted guitar. It sounds alright, but it lacks the synth’s charm. Just like in every version of Long Season, the drums are banging. This still the most beautiful song in this planet, and the greatest too.                                I simply can’t describe how much I really like this (I know I said that too in last song, but it applies really well to this song) THE DRUM SOLO HOLY SHIT, IT’S ONE OF THE LONGEST SOLOS I’VE EVER HEARD. Sadly, it isn’t as good as the 98.12.28 version (or actually, it kinda is better). Something that makes this a little less good than the 98.12.28 version is that it lacks the emotion, here they are just performing it, but in 98.12.28 they are using it as a goodbye for their career. This still a better version than the studio version.                                                                                                                                 I liked the whistling part, that wasn’t there before. Cool. The last 10 minutes really make the whole thing better.

This album was really good, like seriously. I mean, come on. It’s Foshmans we’re talking about. I sadly made the huge mistake of overhyping it and hoping that it would be better than 98.12.28 (which it wasn’t, of course) So I would give this album a 9.8/10, almost perfect. I think this will be the last release ever from Fishmans, and I am 100% fine with it. They have a perfect discography.