LONG SEASON ’96-7 96.12.26 Akasaka Blitz by Fishmans


IT’S LIKE A WISH COME TRUE                                                                                                                       A NEW FISHMANS ALBUM, AND IT IS LIVE TOO

You probably don’t know this, but 98.12.28 by Fishmans is my favourite album of all time, and having a new album by them (they haven’t released anything since 98.12.28, because the lead singer died 😦  ) is one of the best things that could happen to me. I’m going to stop talking now and just go ahead and listen to it.

Sorry in advance if it’s inflated, I just am so hyped

  1. Oh! Crime    8.8/10 YES, THROUGH THE WHOLE SONG I HAVE HAD A STUPID GRIN, I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE BACK (not really back BACK, but as a new release) It’s really nice to hear a new version of one of your favourite songs from your favourite songs. The vocals sound a little off, so that is a problem. This feels like a less good version of the 98.12.28 one. It’s still really damn good (there’s even a guitar solo, which was surprisingly good)
  2. Go Go Round This World!     9.5/10 Neat bass intro, I realy dig it. Actually, I can’t name a single Fishmans song with a weak bass. This song is definitely better than the last song, it just feels a less awkward. The drums at 01:45 are banging.                               I never expected Fishmans to sound this agressive and noisey, I love it. Shinji’s vocals are a lot better than last song. The last two minutes are really incredible.
  3. なんてったの     10/10 AAAAAAHHHHH THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD, JUST AS I EXPECTED FROM ONE OF THE BEST BANDS EVER. There isn’t that much to say, I just can say that this is probably what is played in heaven. The last 30 seconds are literally god tier.
  4. 土曜日の夜     10/10 It feels like this song is made to be played on hot summer days. Actually that’s what makes Fishmans perfect, they’re perfect to listen to in any season of the year, it’s like the world doesn’t have seasons, and it all is just one long season (heh). I hadn’t listened to this song before, it really is nice. One thing that I am sure of, is that this is pretty damn good. This has to be the best song yet.
  5. バックビートにのっかって     9.8/10 It feels like I’ve listened to this song before, but I don’t remember in what album it was on. This is really comfy, that’s for sure. The percussion is really on point in this song, it’s nice to listen to and it’s got some great rythm. I really love when Fishmans use the synth, it’s one of their best things. EVERYDAY IS WATCHING YOUUUUUUU
  6. エヴリデイ・エヴリナイト     9/10 Shinji’s vocals feel so soothing in this song, like he is singing you to sleep or something. Man, I didn’t remember the bass being so smooth in this song. The guitar solo (yes, there actually is one. Weird right?) was really neat. I am not a huge fan of ballad-Fishmans though, so that might be one of the problems with the song. But god, it’s Fishmans.
  7. Sunny Blue     9.3/10 Woah, this is agressive. I never expected that frim them. This is the first time I listen to this song, and I have to say it isn’t that bad. It definitely is not their best though. THE GUITAR IS HARDCORE AND SO ARE THE DRUMS. WHAT IS HAPPENING. The drums even remind me of some of the best post-hardcore Japanese bands. God that was an incredible song.
  8. Smilin’ Days, Summer Holiday      10/10 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH         THIS SONG IS A CLASSIC TUNE (for me, anyways) I LOVE IT WAY TOO MUCH, FROM IT’S COMFY AND CALMING INTRO TO THE GUITAR AT 03:15, EEVERYTHING IS IN IT’S RIGHT PLACE WHEN THIS SONG COMES ON. God I gotta stop writing in all caps, it’s really annoying. This might be the best Smilin’ Days version that they made, it puts the 98.12.28 version to shame.
  9. すばらしくてNice Choice     10/10 holy fucking shit
  10. 夜の想い     10/10 god this is one of the comfiest songs that i’ve ever heard. I KNOW I’VE LISTENED TO THIS SONG BEFORE, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT ALBUM IT WAS FROM. IT’S ON THE TIP OF MY TOUNGE (not really) I think it was on Neo Yankees Holiday? Oh well. I really love the synth at 03:15, it’s really Fishmans-ish. It feels like there is no audience, and that it’s just them performing to an empty local (Not true by the way, since you can hear the audience applauding at the end) I really love the guitar in this song, it’s so nice to listen to it should be illegal. I really love the lalala’s at 05:45, it’s one of the best things ever. The album has just gotten better and better.
  11. ナイトクルージング     /10 oh my god. itS NIGHT CRUISING AAAAAAHHHHHHH. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FISHMANS SONG (apart from Long Season, of course) UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN SO FAST SO FAST UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN NIGHT CRUISING. And guess what, it’s 9 minutes long. It’s like God listened to my prayers and decided to give us this miracle. I just can’t describe how much I like this song. It’s too good to be real
  12. Long Season (!!!)     11/10 The moment everyone has been waiting for. The jam of a lifetime, the greatest song ever made. But this time it’s an entire new version. I am not going to write about it, since it’s too good to be talked about. Just kidding I am going to write about it. One of my favourite things of this song has always been the piano loop, and how in the end it is the last thing playing. Instead of a comfy synth playing in THE part, we have a kind of distorted guitar. It sounds alright, but it lacks the synth’s charm. Just like in every version of Long Season, the drums are banging. This still the most beautiful song in this planet, and the greatest too.                                I simply can’t describe how much I really like this (I know I said that too in last song, but it applies really well to this song) THE DRUM SOLO HOLY SHIT, IT’S ONE OF THE LONGEST SOLOS I’VE EVER HEARD. Sadly, it isn’t as good as the 98.12.28 version (or actually, it kinda is better). Something that makes this a little less good than the 98.12.28 version is that it lacks the emotion, here they are just performing it, but in 98.12.28 they are using it as a goodbye for their career. This still a better version than the studio version.                                                                                                                                 I liked the whistling part, that wasn’t there before. Cool. The last 10 minutes really make the whole thing better.

This album was really good, like seriously. I mean, come on. It’s Foshmans we’re talking about. I sadly made the huge mistake of overhyping it and hoping that it would be better than 98.12.28 (which it wasn’t, of course) So I would give this album a 9.8/10, almost perfect. I think this will be the last release ever from Fishmans, and I am 100% fine with it. They have a perfect discography.


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