WILDFLOWER by The Avalanches


Wow. 16 years after their debut studio album and literally 16 years in the making, the second album by The Avalanches finally arrived. Of what we have heard from the singles of the album, is that it will probably be a really psychedelic plunderphonics + hip hop record. Let’s not forget that the first EP that The Avalanches released was a Beastie Boys-like rap album. Pretty weird for these Australian DJs. Now, let’s hope that the whole album is a little bit more like Colours and less like the not-as-good Frankie Sinatra

Let’s dive into it

  1. The Leaves Were Falling – Wow now that’s what I call a cough! There was a shitty guitar riff in the background and some people talking, but it was pretty ok. 5/10
  2. Because I’m Me (feat. Camp Lo) – Holy shit! This is great. Loving the intro, it gives me SILY vibes. Now, when the instrumental behing gets clearer and Camp Lo starts rapping, the track becomes WAY TOO GOOD. The sample from the intro appears frequently in this song, I personally got nothing about that. I also have to tell that I love the parts where it just like gets all muffed up in some parts? It reminds me of the good ol’ future funk days. The rapping is really good in this track, it’s just great. 9,5/10
  3. Frankie Sinatra (feat. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) – AAAAAH FRANKIE SINATRA. Is that an ELECTRO SWING SONG? In an Avalanches album? Ok we get it, making fun of this track is getting pretty old. I gotta admit that it got it’s own sort of fun vibe. My favorite part of the song is MF Doom’s verse. He will never be not-good.The track overall is not THAT great. 5/10
  4. Subways – Now we go from electro swing to some of the most psychedelic nu-disco track I’ve heard. Apart from being nu-disco, it attracts some dream pop vibes to it, probably because of the synths. I really like the sample that this is built on, but it gets kind of repetitive. A problem that makes this track not as great, is that it feels like they’re tweeking and changing samples too abruptly. Plus, I don’t really like the way the sample changes pitch in some parts, it sounds just annoying. But that doesn’t make the track much worse. 8/10
  5. Going Home – Subways flowed perfectly into this track. It is some real RnB stuff. The same sample from Subways keep on going strongly in the background with this weird phased effect. Yet another song that reminds me of the dark future funk times. But it doesn’t make the track worse. It is enjoyable and good. 8,5/10
  6. If I Was A Folkstar (feat. Toro Y Moi) – Toro Y Moi in an Avalanches track? I’ve never listened to them, but I recognize their name. Now, this track fades in with this really hot sample of a piano thinghy plus some claps (?) and passing cars. It kind of reminds me of that kind of indie pop like MGMT and Passion Pit. Samples of people talking appear frequently in the track. In the second minute, the vocals begin and I gotta admit that I love it. It’s a really comfy track, I really wish it could be super famous or something. I wouldn’t really mind hearing this off the radio. Just a great, great track. 9/10
  7. Colours (feat. Jonathan Donahue) – Colours is an incredible dream pop song. Everything blends and merges prefectly, from the xylophone to the synths. It is also a very “summer”ish song, it’s warm and energetic in it’s own way. ike I said in my single review of this track, ithe instrumental reminds me of Black Moth Super Rainbow, while I get Animal Collective vibes from the vocals. A really good track. 9,5/10
  8. Zap! – Holy shit this is some psychedelic stuff. This track feels really emotional from the intro, a rather sad violn/unindentifed instrument + the vocals of a woman that reminds me of that Boards Of Canada track where they sample something from a porn movie(?). Then the track cuts off to some people talking and it ends just like that. 9/10
  9. The Noisy Eater (feat. Biz Markie & Jean-Michel Bernard) – What is this intro? God that sounded terrible. Plus the first verse is kind of silly. I think that this track is pretty weak compared to the other tracks that have appeared in the album so far. After a really short interlude, they begin rapping again and the track kind of feels better? I don’t like the chorus that much either. But it’s a pretty fun song, just like it’s brother, Frankie. 7/10
  10. Wildflower – The title track is here! It begins really good with some synths that remind me of The Flaming Lips for some reason. And that was kind of it. It was one minute and fourteen seconds. Yep. 8/10
  11. Harmony – Is it just me or does this album sample a lot of pre 1970s music? Maybe to add more of that ultra neo psychedelic feeling. But that doesn’t stop this track from being the usual dreamy thing that it is. I really like the flute that appears in some parts. Really reminds me of Since I Left You, specially the vocals. It feels really tropical. Then there is a theremin and it’s really great. I use the word “really” a lot, don’t I? The title of this track describes it perfectly. Pure harmony. 9,7/10
  12. Live A Lifetime Love – This track begins abruptly with even more psychedelic stuff. MAn, this album sure is psychedelic. I can’t really describe the first moments of this track, but then some guy begins rapping and it’s just great. The dreamy samples + the rapping is sure great. I think that I just understood how they get the dreamy feeling for their tracks. They add some chorus singing some OOOOOOhs and a shit ton of textures. But this track was just a really pleasant listen. 9/10
  13. Park Music – Another 54 seconds interlude to the next track. More OOOOhs, like I expected plus some strings and some percussion + guitar. Nice. 8/10
  14. Livin’ Underwater (Is Something Wild) – Park Music fades perfectly into this track. Man, this reminds me of Fishmans, that’s how great it is. Jet another track that is named just like it feels like. You’re underwater and you can heat everything muffled from the surface. I really dig the vocals, but I wish that it would’ve been longer. 8,8/10
  15. The Wozard Of Iz (feat. Danny Brown) – Another Danny Brown track? I don’t really like the pitched up vocal samples, they remind me of top 40 pop songs. But the other vocals and the beat is really nice. Then, the track cuts off directly to yet another GREAT female vocal sample. When Danny begins rapping, the track just feels like a B-side from SILY. Maybe it was done already then. I don’t really like Danny’s rapping tho. The outro is magnific one again. 9,3/10
  16. Over The Turnstiles – Another interlude that goes on for 40 seconds. But the fact that they’re short does not make them bad. In fact, this is some extremley good stuff. There isn’t too much to say about this track tho. But it’s still a great way to fade a song to another. 9/10
  17. Sunshine – Ah yes, another intro that sounds like something out of SILY. These guys are really good at keeping their style, aren’t they? I really like how the loop some vocal parts, it reminds me of shitty vaporwave, but you know… good. It is another great upbeat track. The track still feels kind of repetitive, so that is kind of drags it down. Yet more strings and twinky sounds can be heard in the song. Overall, it feels kind of forgettable. 8/10
  18. Light Up – Sweet intro! It is another interlude song, but it’s ok, y’know. NOthing too much to say, it’s ok. 8,2/10
  19. Kaleidoscope Lovers – Jesus this song is great. I really like the synth thinghy, it reminds me (again) of those old indiepop hits. The track is loaded up with samples, so it’s kind of hard to describe. But if it’s something, then it’s the best song in the album. The vocals are very Beatles, if you ask me. Mayybe it goes with the concept (?) of the album? Y’know, retro sounding psychedelia. Best track of the album. 10/10
  20. Stepkids (feat. Jennifer Herrema & Warren Ellis) – Nice. Yet another song where the vocals are great. I also love the synth in the back. I’m wondering if it’s original or a sample. It just fits so well. I don’t really know what to say about this song, but I really like it.9,5/10
  21. Saturday Night Inside Out (feat. Father John Misty & David Berman) – Last song of the album! (well the extended mix of Frankie Sinatra doesn’t count). Now, this is what I call a danceable track. It just feels so nice, specially the whole damn intro. It kind of sounds like something out of a game soundtrack, but that isn’t that bad either. Then there’s a spoken word part that is… ok. The song kind of loops itself over and over again, but it’s still just great. 9/10


So this was the long awaited Avalances record. It wasn’t half bad! But i’m not sure if they  will ever release something ever again…

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