Euonia by Invalids


Ah, yes. Euonia by Invalids. This album is a personal classic, and I thought “hey, why not review it?” so here I am. I found this album a long time ago before I had gotten into emo (i only could name American Football and Snowing, which I should eventually review someday too) I found this band thanks to this math rock flowchartwhich I highly recommed if you want to get into this kind of music.

Oh yeah, the album. This is Invalid’s debut album, which was released on January 31, 2012. You can listen to it right here! I haven’t listened to this in a very long time, I only remember it being really good. Pretty technical too (a lot of guitar wankery in this album)

Let’s get right into the album!

  1. Sherman Is Connector     10/10 This song has to have one of the best intros I’ve ever heard. It simply starts with some twinkly guitars and then some secinds later some cool ass drums kick in. The vocals are surprisingly good to be midwest emo, they’re kind of poppy though. This song doesn’t feel like just one song, but a lot of short songs put into one. I mean there are so many different parts (that’s a good thing, of course. I mean I wouldn’t mind the song being just the opening riff, but that would of course get repetitive after two minutes) The last minute consists of hardcore guitar wankery, and the drums remind me of Zach Hill’s drumming (THE MAN HIMSELF) Anyways, this was a great song, pretty much the perfect emo song. Will the next song be as good? Let’s find out!
  2. It’s a Pipe Bomb, Jobriath     10/10 God this is comfy, I think it’s the vocals fault. This song reminds me an extremely lot of Tricot’s guitar wankery. I dig the screams in this song, actually, I have lately begun to like screams in my songs. It’s nice in it’s own way. Holy shit, I didn’t realise before but the drums are incredible. Just like the first song, this one also feels like various songs in one. Did I mention how much I like the guitar in this album? 04:52 reminds me a lot of The Mars Volta. Oh yeah this song was so damn good. Another 10. IS THIS ALBUM A 10/10?! WE GOTTA FIND OUT!!! (The last 10 seconds are incredible, really makes you think about how good the percussion really is)
  3. Diastole     9/10 holy shit, I just don’t know what to say. this really might be a 10/10 album (or 9 something) The bad thing with this song is that I don’t remember nothing from it.
  4. J Whiting, From Our Hearts We Send Thee     9.8/10 As always/expected, another great intro. I have pretty much said everything that there is to say about this album in the first two songs (extreme guitar wankery, technical drums and nice vocals) Something that’s different about this song is that it does not feel like a lot of songs in one, but a very well constructed one. Yeah this was pretty great.
  5. School Social     10/10 Oh damn now that has to be the best intro in the album, it puts the intro to Sherman Is Connector to shame. This song is much more energetic than the last song. Instead of one person singing like always, there seems to be two vocalists in this one. I just realised how complicated the time signatures are in this song, does this count as prog rock? This just has to be the best song in the album, I didn’t remember it being this good. 03:10 is one of the best moments in the album, I just love how the guitar wankery fades out and we get a xylophone (along with a non twinkly guitar). That was pretty much the perfect outro.
  6. Ursine Valor     9/10 I simply have run out of things to say, that’s a huge flaw in the album. That every song is so good but yet so similar. Every single song has the good intro, the incredible last minute and the HARDCORE DRUMMING. So from now on, let the numbers speak.
  7. Far Away Cranes     9/10
  8. Steinborgium    8.7 /10
  9. I’d Rather Be Driving; Skyscrapers     9/10
  10. And Was It Worth It in the End?    8 /10

The music was honestly incredible, the guitar playing was out of this world and the vocals were surprisingly good to be “””emo”””. The percussion/drums were extremely technical, like seriously. I really like it.

a HUGE problem with the album is that after 5 songs it just starts getting frustatingly repetitive. I remember nothing from this album, since it all sounded the same. (Actually, the thing I remember the most is the Mars Volta sounding part in “It’s A Pipe Bomb, Jobriath)

The rating for this album would be an 8.5/10, really good album. Check it out if you are into mathy stuff

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