If You Were Here I Wouldn’t Be Miserable by h i d e a n y w a y


(listen to it here my dudes)

h i d e  a w a y are a new band which released their debut album earlier this year (going to review that one as soon as I finish this one) I’m going to listen to them because they have gorgeous covers and because their genres are pretty much all of my favourites (shoegaze, emo, dream pop). The band also seems like, super nice. I just know this is gonna be great!

Let’s just get to the album

  1. Ferret     10/10 holy fucking shit this is better than I was expecting it to be. This is some “LSD and the search for god” level dream pop (that’s of course a good thing) I really love the vocals, a little too much for my own good. The song was sadly way too short, but hey, quality over quantity. Maybe shoegaze isn’t that dead yet?
  2. 悲しい アロハ     9.5/10 The intro was really nice, especially when the drums kick in. I haven’t mentioned how much I like the guitars in this album/EP? They’re honestly really damn good. Some parts in this song remind me for some reason of Have A Nice Life, it’s gotta be the drums. The vocals are nice in this song, I have always been a fan of these kinds of vocals (kinda dark but dreamy).
  3. Free Fall     10/10 n o  w a y. t h i s  t o o  g o o d  f o r  m y  o w n  g o o d. I just don’t know how they manage to make their songs better and better. These guys really have a lot of talent, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would get famous (not famous FAMOUS, but the Mac Demarco kind of famous. you probably know what I mean) I just don’t know what to say, it’s not that I am lazy, I just don’t know what to write about since there are some many great moments in this song. Go and listen to it yourself and find out why I like it. I already came to the conclussion that this is the best shoegaze album of the year (unless their other album is better, or My Bloody Valentine releases a surprise album)
  4. Return (Acoustic)     8.5/10 Ironically, this song technically isn’t acoustic since there is some feedback going on in the background. I didn’t know that an acoustic guitar could sound this shoegazy, pedals truly are a miracle. Yeah this song was ok, there wasn’t much going on (but it was still great)

And that was the EP/album, I am not sure if it counts as an EP or album. If it’s an EP then it has to be my favourite EP of the year. Way too good to be real. If it’s an album it’s still on my top 10 (maybe top 5 too) What makes this band so damn good is that unlike many other modern shoegaze bands, these guys don’t sound like generic bullshit. I don’t know if they know it, but it definitely has some post rock vibes going to it (Especially in the first song)

If I had the chance, I would totally love to see these guys live. Sadly, they live in THE LAND OF THE FREE AKA USA.

This album just has to be a 9.5/10. REALLY damn good. I will have to revisit it after some months to see if it survived THE TEST OF TIME.

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