2016 Halloween movie “marathon” PART 2: V/H/S ((REVIEW))


So we just finished watching V/H/S and it was actually not that bad, I didn’t get as much as I was expecting (It was recommended and the screenshots made it look promising) It’s supposed to be found footage but they never explain how they got them. But we will write about it later.

Anyways so this movie was about this group of men who get some kind of weird ass job from someone they don’t know to get some tapes from an old house. So they go in there and find so tapes and watch them. There happens a lot more than that, but I wanted to keep it spoiler free. That will be hard for the next parts that are about to come. So let’s write quickly about each tapes.

And of course, SPOILER ALERT

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Indie Is Dead presents: 2016 Halloween movie “marathon”PART 1: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension ((review))


Who doesn’t love a good horror movie? Well I don’t like horror movies. They scare the shit out of me and I’m half of the time covering myself up. But this day, I’m going to “marathon” FOUR movies. Here’s the list in the order that I’m going to watch them.

Paranormal Activity 5 (gotta start with something soft and laughable)

V/H/S (gets recommended all the time)


Pulse (The Japanese version)

Alright let’s do it

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The Bible 2 by AJJ


Hell yeah, a new AJJ album! I’m going to spit out some facts about this album before we get into the review. This is their first album since their name change (formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, for those who didn’t know) It was released the 19th August, but it leaked way before that (I didn’t listen to the leak because I have too much respect for this band) I have only listened to Knife Man, and I really like it. It’s seriously one of my favourite albums of all time (I can singalong to it perfectly) I hope this album is as enjoyable, or at least listenable.

Since I kind of realised that track by track reviews are kind of joke for music sites, I’m going to try to write this review the “””traditional””” way. By the traditional way I mean just like two paragraphs telling us what made the album good/weak. If it doesn’t feel right then I’m sticking with track by track (it’s also more fun to read instead of having a huge wall of text)

Let’s go!

no actually you know what, let’s just do it track by track. i just can’t do it any other way.

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Cody by Joyce Manor


Ok, so before I begin this review, I want to say that I’ve only listened to their first and some songs out of Never Hungover Again. Joyce Manor’s self titled is one of my favorite albums of all time. I could listen to it over and over again, that’s how good it is. So of course, I got really hyped when I heard that Joyce Manor were going to release a new album. I was all like “aww yes! Hope they come to town and play allrrrrright!!”. But then I heard the album.

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