Head Carrier by Pixies


What’s the cover supposed to be? huh??

Pixies have finally released their second post-reunion album since Indie Cindy (2014). Now, before I start this review, I want to say that I REALLY like this band. Simply one of the best bands of all time, I would kill to see them again (come to Sweden, you bastards!). So yeah, here it comes.

Well this album has this really pop sound, it feels like everything that was recognizable of Pixies’ trademark sound has dissapeared in most of their songs. One of the problems with this album is that it feels like they’re trying too hard to sound like they did in the past, instead of trying 100% at a new sound or something like that.

The singles of this album, Talent, Tenement Song and Um Chagga Lagga were (sorry Pixies) absolute trash in my opinion. Talent was good the very first seconds, but then the verse kicks in and it just feels really weird. Then there is the chorus. Damn, how that chorus annoyed me. Like they could have used more variation in it, but nooo of course not. Tenement Song has also a nice intro, but it becomes into absolute pop rock onwards. It just doesn’t feel like a Pixies song at all. Then, Um Chagga Lagga (the best one of the singles) isn’t that bad, but it isn’t amazing either. Atleast it had this really wild feel.

Now the songs that I liked the most were Head Carrier, Might as Well Be Gone, Bel Espirit and All The Saints. While Head Carrier was a really pop song, it had some delicious melodies in some parts. MAWBG has a really (nice) dark sound going on, but it becomes a tiny bit less-dark in the chorus and it just feels really good. A really enjoyable song, if you ask me.

Then there is Bel Espirit, where Paz (the new bassist) saves the verse and song literally the whole song. While I wouldn’t even dare to compare her to Kim, I can say that Paz makes a really good job. All The Saints is the best song in the album, where Pixies pull the classic “last song is best song” thing. Jesus, it is really good. In a part, it reminded me of The Smiths (which isn’t a bad thing), talking about vibes, of course.

The other songs were enjoyable too, but nothing extremely good. I missed Kim in some parts, but I still survived. To add, All I Think About Now (the song about Kim) sounds too much like Where Is My Mind, but like I said, Paz did a really good job.



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