Cody by Joyce Manor


Ok, so before I begin this review, I want to say that I’ve only listened to their first and some songs out of Never Hungover Again. Joyce Manor’s self titled is one of my favorite albums of all time. I could listen to it over and over again, that’s how good it is. So of course, I got really hyped when I heard that Joyce Manor were going to release a new album. I was all like “aww yes! Hope they come to town and play allrrrrright!!”. But then I heard the album.

It just feels like everything that made Joyce Manor so good, so special, has either dissapeared or been watered down. My biggest problem with this album is that the singer, Barry, doesn’t have the ultra passionate, desperate-sounding voice that he had on the other releases. IN this album, it feels to controlled?? Does it have autotune? I don’t know, but I don’t like the vocals AT ALL. The only track that featured vocals like in their other releases is Reversing Machine, one of the better songs in the album.

I got to admit that this album got some really good instrumentals. Don’t laugh, but I can say that they sound like Anamanaguchi but, you know, not chiptune. But I like Anamanaguchi, so it’s allright.

Most of the tracks were pretty forgettable, for example I have literally 0 memories of Do You Really Want To Not Get Better. Other problem with this album, is that it felt in some parts like they were trying to sound like some emo revival stuff, but failed miserably. In other tracks, it reminded me of Blink-182 (if that’s a good thing, it’s up to you). I mean, I wouldn’t buy this album, but it wouldn’t stop me from going to their concerts. I still have hope in Joyce Manor.


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