The Bible 2 by AJJ


Hell yeah, a new AJJ album! I’m going to spit out some facts about this album before we get into the review. This is their first album since their name change (formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, for those who didn’t know) It was released the 19th August, but it leaked way before that (I didn’t listen to the leak because I have too much respect for this band) I have only listened to Knife Man, and I really like it. It’s seriously one of my favourite albums of all time (I can singalong to it perfectly) I hope this album is as enjoyable, or at least listenable.

Since I kind of realised that track by track reviews are kind of joke for music sites, I’m going to try to write this review the “””traditional””” way. By the traditional way I mean just like two paragraphs telling us what made the album good/weak. If it doesn’t feel right then I’m sticking with track by track (it’s also more fun to read instead of having a huge wall of text)

Let’s go!

no actually you know what, let’s just do it track by track. i just can’t do it any other way.

  1. Cody’s Theme     8.5/10 The album opens up with a nice fuzzy guitar, which is really Elephant 6 esque (which gets even more elephantier when the drums kick in) Ah yes, just as expected from AJJ we have the, well, AJJ vocals. It’s like their trademark sound (I don’t know if I used the word trademark right) (i think not) Anyways, the lyrics are not exactly deep or existential but they work damn well with the music, and that’s what counts in my opinion. This song will make you bob your head like an idiot, and probably sing along if you listen to it enough times. I think that this was a pretty strong opener, I just hope the other songs are as good (or even better)
  2. Golden Eagle     8/10 The guitar at the intro is pretty cheesy, but it’s nice. This song is clearly slower than the last one, but that doesn’t make it worse. This song isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it’s pretty good. It lacks the energy from last song, yet I still find myself bobbing to the rhythm. Yeah this song was pretty good, just not as good as the first one.
  3. Junkie Church     8.8/10 The lyrics are really damn good, in my opinion anyways. This song could clearly be in Knife Man, it sounds like it could go really well. This song is kind of minimalistic, or at least compared to the other songs. Some brass instruments pop up here and there, or maybe it’s just a synth. I like it. The bass is great, it’s pretty relaxing. The most important thing in this song is obviously the lyrics, but it isn’t exactly a ballad. Pretty good song, if next song isn’t a punk-ish banger then i SWEAR TO GOD.
  4. American Garbage     8/10 The intro was nice. This song isn’t  a punk-ish banger. I feel disappointed. Nah just kidding, even if it isn’t a banger, it’s still amazing (I LOVE the synths in this song) The guitar also has a nice sound, it’s really soothing. Did I mention how much I like the vocals? The songs in this album are sadly a little too short for anything incredible to happen, but this is AJJ, not Unwound. I guess it was ok, kind of forgettable.
  5. No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread     9/10 Oh god it’s a ballad. I mean the lyrics are really fucking good but geez the only thing I want right now is some energetic songs. It actually depends on my mood, this song is actually incredibly good. I really dig the bass in this song. Even if it’s a ballad, it’s clearly one of the strongest songs in this album (SO FAR)
  6. Goodbye, Oh Goodbye     10/10 I remember when this song came out, and I got immediately hyped for this album. It’s exactly what I wanted, an energetic folk punk-ish song with fuzzy guitars. What I wanted was more songs like the first one, and this song is one of them. The lyrics are good, and so is the bass. No actually there isn’t a single bad thing with this song. The chorus is perfect in every way. Damn, even the song length is perfect for this kind of song. The outro is top-notch too! Is this the single of the year? It probably is. Best song of the album so far (again) I don’t think it will get better than this.
  7. White Worms     9/10 The melody in the intro is so good! I really dig the drums in this track, they’re some good shit. 1:49 is one of the best moments in this song. The part after that kind of reminds me of Muse, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. This song has the best outro so far, it just feels right. This song felt too short, but who cares? A good song is a good song.
  8. My Brain Is A Human Body     7/10 Fuzzy and cool, just like it’s supposed to be. Nothing mind-blowing happens in this song, but it’s a pretty good song. Yeah there just isn’t so much to talk about, it’s a kind of lame song. Probably the worst in this album (so far, of course)
  9. Terrifyer     10/10 Remember how I said that “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” could be the best song in this album? Well, I was wrong. It just has everything that makes AJJ a great band, bangin’ drums, nice guitar riffs and catchy bass melodies. The vocals are of course really fantastic. There just are so many things I like about this song I could write an entire post about it (not really) The chorus is so fucking good aaaaaah. Sadly, AJJ still don’t know how to finish a song, because that outro was just lame (but funny in some way, I guess?) Meh, it’s still the best song in the album UNLESS the next two are better (which I doubt, because it doesn’t really get better than this)
  10. Small Red Boy     9/10 And it’s another slow ballad, I despise those. BUT the lyrics make up for it, they’re probably the best lyrics in the album. It’s like this album’s “Backpack”, but less tragic, of course. The outro is really powerful, and I love that.     I AM I AM I AM THE TRUUUUTH. Yeah this song was nice, the outro saved this song from an eight.
  11. When I’m A Dead Body     8/10 You know how albums usually have epic long songs as album outros that leave the listener with their jaw opened? Well, AJJ completely ignores that trope and gives us a nice acoustic song as the outro. Ok maybe it was a little too short, thanks to that there isn’t so much to talk about. It was a pretty good way of finishing the album, the song felt a little forgettable though.

And that was The Bible 2 by AJJ! What can I say? I think it just was an spectacular album! It has a lot of replay value (that means that I could actually think “hey, i sure want to listen to the bible 2”) and that’s actually what makes AJJ so good, you can just listen to their music again and again without getting bored. My favourite thing with this album was the bass, it had some really great melodies in this album. Oh and the percussion was on point too. Terrifyer is definitely the best song in this album.

You probably can’t notice, since you are like, reading it right now but this review took 2 months or so to write. I just have been writing one track and then thinking “Meh, I will finish it later”, and never write again for days. Laziness will be the death of me.




And that something is the rating for this album, which is a 8.6/10, I think it is a fair rating because even if it’s a great album, it isn’t even the best of the year and it had a couple forgettable songs. But yeah, this album was definitely good.

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