Ok before I start, I want to tell you guys that we are very sorry for not posting since Halloween. We have been busy being lazy bastards. BUT WORRY NOT! 2017 will be THE YEAR OF INDIE IS DEAD. Ok back to the album.

One Last Big Job is Ramshackle Glory’s final album, after six years of being a band. This is how Pat the Bunny himself put it:

RAMSHACKLE GLORY is a retired anarchist punk band that was based out of Tucson, AZ. This is our last release. Our band lasted from 2010-2016. We put out three full length albums, one split album with the folk punk band Ghost Mice, and toured every year. We donated money to a large number of anarchist and radical political projects, and distributed a lot of free political literature on a variety of topics. We stood up for our values as much as we knew how to. I’m proud of everyone in our band for doing what we did together. This project was hard on all of us in different ways, but in the end we took care of each other as much as we know how to. That isn’t something to take for granted. I actually think it’s all we have. Thanks to everyone who helped us, tolerated our mistakes and our crankiness, and listened to our music. You have funny taste. So do I.

Patrick Schneeweis (June 1, 2016)

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