Däggdjur by Säkert!


Before I start this review, I wanted to apologize for the lack of reviews in the last couple months. We are going to post more from now on, I promise!

Anyways, this album is “Däggdjur” (Mammal) by Säkert! (Sure!/Surely!). It was released the 3rd of February this year (2017 if you are reading this in the future) I’ve been quite hyped for this album, I listened to the single “Snooza” when it came out and I absolutely loved it. I’m definitely going to talk more about that song later, but first of all, let’s listen to the album! (I’m still doing track by track reviews because it’s the most fun, I don’t know if it’s fun to read though. Next review might as well be “normal”)

  1. Allting Flyter     8/10   I think i’ve heard this chord progression somewhere else, I think it was some kind of hit. Her voice is wonderful though, and the instrumentation is great as well. But I can’t shake off the feeling it’s too poppy for me (good melodies tho) The drum reminds me of “Mannen I Den VIta Hatten” by Kent, actually, the melodies kind of sound like it. The part where the violin comes in is really nice. I hope the album gets better after this, not that this was a bad song, but maybe not this pop. (Although it’s a pop album, so I was kind of expecting this)
  2. Funky Nassau     7.5/10   Oh hey, I thought only Annika (the singer) sang in this album. Instead, there is a man singing. Not that it’s a bad thing, his voice is really good. Not much happens in this song, which is kind of a bummer since it had a lot of potential (it’s unrealistic, really, but I would have really liked this song progressing into a shoegaze jam. Kind of like in Earthmover by Have A Nice Life) Did I mention how good the lyrics are in this album so far? + points for that.
  3. Snooza     10/10   Ah, yes. Snooza. As I sad before, I’ve already listened to this song (when it was released, actually) I just love this song, from the lyrics to the wonderful vocals and the slightly dreamy instrumentals. I seriously am in love with the synth in this song, it’s REALLY GOOD (not exactly the most technical synth in the world, but technical ≠ good) Obviously the best song so far, definitely single worthy, because of two reasons. The first one is that it’s the most accesible song (and by that I don’t mean like the last two songs, pretty boring) The second reason is that it’s way more fleshed out than the other songs (so far), it has those little details that usually give songs replay value. And that’s one of the issues with the last two songs, you don’t really want to go listen to them again. Snooza was definitely the best choice for a single.
  4. Kommer Hända    7.5/10 Oh this song is really good! It’s the kind of track that starts playing when you turn on the radio, and by that I mean that it’s poppy with indie pop vibes(?) I’m not a huge fan of the bassline, it feels kind of, uh, cheesy. This song is also kind of forgettable and repetitive. It is a  good song but it’s nothing I would want to listen again.
  5. Inte Jag Heller    6/10 This is… Not that good. Actually, I can’t say a single thing that I like in this song (maybe the bass, but even that is pretty meh) I really wanted to like this album but most of it sounds the same. That’s not the only issue in this song, it is also SO BORING!! It feels like a filler song (and it most likely is one) They have talent, that’s for sure. But they are using it in the wrong way. Fuck all ballads, they are the worst.
  6. Dian Fossey    9/10 I like the guitar, it’s dreamy and it makes me want to get under a blanket. The song itself is really comfy, might be the best song so far (apart from Snooza, of course) I don’t really like that the vocals are the main focus, they are good and all but in my opinion they should be focusing on giving the song more etheral textures. Yeah this song wasn’t as boring as, uh, almost all of the other songs.
  7. Tjacket    7/10 Wohoo! Another forgettable song that sounds like all the other ones! The song was way too short for anything interesting to happen, and that’s kind of a bummer since it had lots of potential. I liked the vocals, they were really pretty.
  8. Stilla Utan Hat     5.5/10 oh my god what the fuck. The vocals are fucking atrocious, SHOCKINGLY bad. What were they thinking? I must say that the song gets better when the guy stops singing. Even the dude from fucking Lifelover sings better. It’s like an unintentional Jamie Stewart (the difference between his voice and Jamie’s is that Jamie’s is actually good)
  9. Det Ska Hända Dig Med    7 /10 Sounds a lot like Snooza, that’s both a good and a bad thing. I KNOW WHAT THIS ALBUM SOUNDS LIKE! ALL THE SONGS ARE THE KIND THAT THE SCHOOL CHORUS SINGS IN CHRISTMAS. Did I mention this song was forgettable as fuck? I can’t even remember how it started lol. Still pretty good, I guess.
  10. Almunecar     8.8/10 Oh shit, finally a song that isn’t horribly boring or forgettable! I don’t know if those trumpets(?) are synths, but I like them. There is no denying that this is the best song so far that isn’t Snooza. Maybe a little more of emotion in the chorus would have been good. It just feels like a slightly more upbeat part of the verse. The song just kind of ends? That was a really shitty way of ending a song.
  11. Grottorna     9/10 The songs are actually getting better and better, I can’t belive it! In the same vein as last song, this is poppy but not annoyingly pop. The guitar solo is really nice. What has made the last two songs so good is that they are way more fleshed out than the others, for example this song is incredibly written while songs like “Stilla Utan Hat” just exist to annoy. This could have been a perfect second single.
  12. Modifiering     8/10 I love the warm synth, any song with warm synths is a 8/10+ in my book. The song is, sadly, kind of uninteresting. Grottorna would have been a better closer than this, but this still works. In the last 15 seconds, where Annika pulls some high notes, it’s just wonderful. One of the best moments in the album.Yeah, definitely a forgettable song but it’s still good.

I don’t know what to feel about this album, some songs were really great (Snooza, Dina Fossey, the last 3 songs) and some others were terrible (Stilla Utan Hat, seriously, screw that song) and the rest were forgettable filler songs. The album would have been WAY better if it would have been an EP with only the best songs. Still a good release by Säkert!, hopefully the next release will be better.

7.7/10, maybe worth a relisten.

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