The Painters EP by Animal Collective REVIEW


Yesterday, a brand new Animal Collective EP got released. I had been pretty hyped since they dropped Kinda Bonkers (awesome track) and it’s probably a totally Painting with esque thing. Well it must be, since it’s now called a companion for Painting With. Let’s check this baby out.

Kinda Bonkers

The EP kicks off with the summer jam Kinda Bonkers. A playful song with goofy lyrics that reminds oneself of some early Animal Collective tracks. The melodies are beautifully composed as expected. The chorus is lots of fun too and really memorable. This is a song that I will not forget this year, since it may be one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year (so far). But the year has barely begun so let’s see what happens! 9/10


Another track that reminds me of the old times. I fell in love instantly with the warm synths that drown this song with its’ waves. Right now, this is better than Painting With. A joyful song. I love how you can hear a sitar (or is it a guitar? I’m sure it’s a guitar) playing after the first chorus. A totally great track, but I do not believe that it comes to the same level as Kinda Bonkers, but it’s really close. A really awesome vocal melody once again. 8,5/10


Now this really has the Painting With sound. A playful (and slightly annoying) synth is played across the song, while this really thick bass line can be heard. The chorus is amazing again. The AnCo boys sure know how to compose a good chorus damn it. I still find that the bass line isn’t really fitting, but it still works, so it’s ok. 7/10

Jimmy Mack

The last song of this 13 minute EP. A dreamy track that will haunt you forever. It’s also one of the best pop songs I’ve heard this year. I really hope this becomes a huge hit, because they deserve it. This song might also be one of the best Animal Collective songs of the decade so far. Really amazing. The vocals are amazing. Everything is amazing. From the synth line to the (yet again) thick bassline. Simply amazing. 10/10

The Painters EP was MUCH BETTER than I thought it would be. Could it be that the new album (if they’re making one) will be in the same vein as this EP? Who knows. But this EP will totally be played lots of times this summer, since it sounds like an exquisite summer soundtrack. I wish for the best for this band that I love and adore.



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