Searchlights by Dot Dash REVIEW


Searchlights is the fifth album by Washington, DC based band Dot Dash. They describe themselves as a post-punk pop band. The idea of post-punk pop sounds pretty intriguing to me, so I decided to check it out.

The album kicks off with Dumb Entertainment, a song that reminds me of old timey rock n roll. The bassline at the beginning was pretty damn good too. As an opener, it kind of gives you a feeling of what these guys are all about. This album in general presents very memorable lyrics. Although I have to disagree that these guys are post-punk, I would describe them more as a garage rock stuff with some incredible pop punk vibes in some moments (like in Crumbs and Searchlights).

The guitar work was one of the highlights of the album and it feels like all actual instrumentalists are pretty skilled. Yet, the singer’s voice didn’t convince me at first, but Searchlights is one of those albums that only get better and better. Other of the things that I really enjoyed in this record is that you can actually hear that they are having lots of fun. If they only could come to Stockholm to play a show, then I could confirm that they have fun or something.

One of my favorite things in this awesome record is the marvelous melodies that they play. Will this be one of those records that only can be played while eating pizza and riding a skateboard along a beach? No, because it isn’t THAT pop punk either.

It feels like this record draws lots of influence from The Libertines, but that’s just what I believe. The vocals also reminded me of Pixies in some bits, you know, how they kind of whisper/sing into the microphone.

Overall this album was an enjoyable experience with some quality garage pop-punk moments that will make your day better. The only problem is that the songs sound pretty similar at some parts, but they’re good songs so it’s kind of OK too. Other problem was that, while the songs were enjoyable while playing, some tracks are kind of forgettable.



10,100 DAYS





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