Nitemare by Simon Cameron Fletcher


Now here’s kind of an obscure album. It was released the 17th January this year (2017 if you are currently reading this on the future) by Simon Cameron Fletcher. In the bandcamp page it says that the songs were recorded in 2012. I’ve listened to his demos album (this one) and I really liked it. Apparently all songs are written by the man himself, Lou Barlow. Does that mean this is a cover album? I wanted to listen to this one because I think the cover is really pretty.

Anyways why don’t we just go ahead and review? Listen to it here. Also, please try to buy it!

1. Nitemare     9/10 The album opens up with Nitemare, which is a really pretty song. Even if the chord progression is quite unoriginal, it doesn’t make the song any worse. I was about to praise Simon for his incredible lyrics but I remembered all songs are written by Lou Barlow. I dig the vocals too, good shit! Strong opener my dude.

2. Albequerqe 89     9.5/10 Then comes Albequerqe 89. Very much like the last song, this one is really pleasant to listen to. It has a lo-fi indie pop sound. I guess the word is bedroom pop? Anyways this is a really cute song, please go listen to it now or something. The second part was REALLY good.

3. Nitemare (synth mix)     9.5/10 I guess it’s the same as the first song, but it has a synth??? While I have to admit that I like this version better, I wonder if it really was neccesary to put two versions in the same album/EP. Maybe release it as a single or something. It’s still nice

4. Outro     7/10 Well that was pointless.


This was a very pleasant album to listen to, the kind of album you want to get under a blanket to (and probably drink some tea). Simon’s wonderful voice fits the acoustic guitar of his. Lou Barlow is a great lyricist, a fucking genius. I have to admit that I like this version of Nitemare WAY better than the Sentridoh one.

Sadly the EP/Album/whatever was a little too short to write a SUPER IN DEPTH REVIEW ANALYSING EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT. But hey, it was really good. I fail to understand what the last song’s point was. Am I too pleb for it?


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