VINE by Jen Gloecker

Jen Gloeckner - VINE - Cover art

VINE is Jen Gloeckner’s third album, which was released the 14th of april this year (2017). Jen comes from Dubuque, Iowa. I got this album on the INDIE IS DEAD mail like a month ago and I’m extremely guilty because I didn’t check the mail then haha. Now, I’m expecting some real good stuff from this record since this is how it is described in the sheet:

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 15.10.02.png


Well, what can I say?? Sign me up to this shit because I’m starting to get hyped. Let’s not waste more time, because here comes my review.

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This Old Dog by Mac Demarco


listen to this COOL ALBUM right here my dude

This is Mac Demarco’s 5th album, “This Old Dog”. It is to be released on May 5 but it has leaked. I really respect Mac, he is a great guy but this time curiosity won over me and I just HAD TO DOWNLOAD IT (I suspected it was gonna be a virus but it’s the real deal) How do albums even get leaked? How does that work? was it the RUSSIAN HACKERS?!?!?!

ok that was pretty stupid

anyways let’s review this bad boy, sorry mac

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Ständut Black by Chicagojazzen

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 12.08.24.png

Chicagojazzen is the musical project of Erik Karlsson which he started back in 2007 (?) when he was 15 years. Since that he has released 13 other releases. He lives super north in the country (Umeå), so there might be chances of some COLD STUFF. While it is supposed to be his solo project, this album was made with 13 other musicians, so I will be expecting some real experimental shit. Enough with the chit chat, let’s get some grub going.

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