This Old Dog by Mac Demarco


listen to this COOL ALBUM right here my dude

This is Mac Demarco’s 5th album, “This Old Dog”. It is to be released on May 5 but it has leaked. I really respect Mac, he is a great guy but this time curiosity won over me and I just HAD TO DOWNLOAD IT (I suspected it was gonna be a virus but it’s the real deal) How do albums even get leaked? How does that work? was it the RUSSIAN HACKERS?!?!?!

ok that was pretty stupid

anyways let’s review this bad boy, sorry mac

It is clear that Mac Demarco is taking a more electronic approach on his new music, but it still feels like a Mac Demarco album(which is of course a good thing) The production is really nice, maybe the “lo-fi” days of Mac are over, because this is some high quality stuff. The use of synths is quite clever, they have a nice “lazy” sound (they like, detune and stuff. cool stuff) Quickly said, it uses tons and tons of dreamy sounding synths. Demarcos’ new album is filled with an extremely nostalgic sound. Some songs kind of give off Steely Dan vibes (listen to “For The First Time”) and some others have the usual Mac sound.

Something that this album is definitely missing is more jangly guitars, I mean, everything has to change someday but god dammit the guitars were what defined his sound. It is like he revisited “Chamber Of Reflection” and made 13 variations of it (not really, actually) Some songs still have the good jangly stuff, but they are no longer the main focus of the music. This time, it is more vocal/synth driven. It’s like Homeshake all over again, but with acoustic guitars.

Even if it is lacking my favourite thing with Mac’s music, that doesn’t stop this album from being a comfy and somewhat “tropical” album. I am definitely looking forward to his next release, who knows at what direction he might head now? One thing is for sure, his whole electronic sound is fucking awesome and I want more. You will most likely enjoy this album on a nice summer night.


For The First Time


One More Love Song (!!!best song!!)




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