VINE by Jen Gloecker

Jen Gloeckner - VINE - Cover art

VINE is Jen Gloeckner’s third album, which was released the 14th of april this year (2017). Jen comes from Dubuque, Iowa. I got this album on the INDIE IS DEAD mail like a month ago and I’m extremely guilty because I didn’t check the mail then haha. Now, I’m expecting some real good stuff from this record since this is how it is described in the sheet:

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 15.10.02.png


Well, what can I say?? Sign me up to this shit because I’m starting to get hyped. Let’s not waste more time, because here comes my review.

Now, this record has an amazing, darkish atmosphere in almost all songs. It has a very chill, jazzy vibe, but still manages to sound dark, if we could say it like that.

The instruments are very nice and could even be described as almost surreal. BUt if there was something that I enjoyed was that the musicians knew exactly what instruments to use (and they were good at playing the instruments too). This can be noticed in songs like Firefly (War Dance), an instrumental trance song (which I enjoyed for the most part, but kind  of dragged too long).

I appreciated her singing a lot, but I still think that it is too nasal at times, but it’s just her singing style and it isn’t bad either.

A problem that I had with this record was that some songs felt kind of generic. They aren’t awfully generic, but they still sound like your average trip-hopish ambient pop. I still liked the songs and the songs that weren’t a tad generic were full-blown experimental pop.

Oh and John Ashton from The Psychedelic Furs appears in the last two songs, so that was totally gnarly.

A good record.


The Last Thought – Dreamy!

Counting Sheep – Reminds me of Twin Peaks

Prayers – really nice

Row With The Flow – Best in album

8/10, give it a listen

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