Juna Kainuuseen by Litku Klemetti


When I went to check the top charts of the lo-fi indie genre in RYM, I was surprised that a damn Finnish album was sitting in the top of the year spot. When was the last time that YOU listened to a Finnish album? Huh? Never? Damn… Well, I have only listened to like two Finnish records before this one, but I swear that this one will be a good one. It was released the 13th of January and the album cover is looking FRESH.

Litku started her solo career in 2015 (?) but has been a member of other bands, so I guess that she knows her stuff. I have heard people calling her the new indie queen of Finland, which sounds dope. Ok, let’s hear my thoughts about this album:

This is a mega comfy album. It’s retro (disco-ish???) sound is great and the album is overall enjoyable. Litku balances slow, almost ballad, songs and surf inspired tracks in a great way.

SOmething that I personally like a lot, is when albums have short songs, and this album particularly has some short songs here and there, the shortest being the intro, “Note to World”, which is 8 seconds of some man saying something.

The vocals are really damn good, and even if I don’t speak finnish, I notice that there are lots of feelings behind the things that she sings. Well I might be wrong, but it feels like she is singing with lots of feelings.

I hate to do this, but this is another indiepop album that I have to compare with Mac Demarco. His influence is too big, dammit! Anyways it’s not like Mac created the whole dreamy, retro, reverb-drowned guitar pop genre (or did he!?????)

This is an album to listen to while on the beach, with your friends. Not during the day, but during the sunset or something. Yeah. That would be dope.

One of the problems that I have with this album is that the songs are kind of forgettable. I mean, they’re good and all, but if can’t remember any of the songs if I try to 20 minutes after it ends. And I have listened to this album 3 times.

Yet, this is an album that is very good and I hope that the indie scene in Finland starts to get more and more coverage. I wouldn’t have anything against reviewing more stuff from there. Sounds interesting, y’know?

key tracks:


Nuori Mude

Muurahaiset juhlii



SCORE: 7/10, needs less slow songs imo

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