Live Life | Die Happy by Setsuko


Setsuko is a grindcore band from Stockholm who are kind of new. This is their only release so far (kind of a demo) and it was released the 10th of May of this year. Super new, I know, but I stil think that I will give it a short review. Of course it will be a short review, shit is under five minutes, what do you expect me to do?

The sound quality  isn’t very high but you can still notice that there is some good shit happening. The drummer is fucking wild, the guitar riffs are KILLER RIFFS ™️. It’s this kind of album where all the songs begin with feedback tho, but it doesn’t make it automatically bad. I love feedback, not gonna lie here.

The vocals are really good and the guitar tones are gnarly too. Something that I really enjoyed was the harsh noise elements of this demo/ep/whatever, it really adds to the wall of sound that (I believe) they are trying to achieve.

I haven’t seen them live, but I have heard that they are recording more stuff, so it’s pretty obvious that they are going to play some gigs here too. Shit will be awesome.

There is one thing that kind of annoyed me in this EP (let’s call it EP) and that thing is that the songs feel kind of repetitive in some way. All the songs have pretty similar intros and they are all so short that they all become kind of same-ish. But I think that they all begin with feedback because of the flow in the EP, I guess?  Yet, this EP is a really nice thing with lot of energy.

Can’t wait to see em’ live.


I also really like that there is a song called “Machine Broke”. MEME GAME = STRONG


all of them. I mean, it’s like under four minutes so it’s not like you only listen to SOME songs, you just listen to all of it and it’s done.


SCORE: 7.5. Needs to be longer.

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