This blog is called “Indie Is Dead” as an ironic statement. You know how people have always said stuff like PUNK IS DEAD, while it has been alive and just more and more punk bands are formed everyday. Well, since Indie isn’t exactly a genre, it will never die. Independent music will always exist

We are two twins who are in charge of this page right now. we started it when we were 13 and it was bollocks. Our earliest reviews are shite, but they will have to stay for HISTORICAL and ARCHIVAL reasons. In case you didn’t read this about page earlier, then you have saved some IQ points, because it must have been the single most embarrassing thing ever written. You can check it here. If I had a time machine, then I would punch the both of us.

If you are from a label or just an artist that plays lo-fi indie or any music that comes from the hardcore genre (emo, screamo etc, YOU GET IT) and wants their record reviewed or something, then you can contact us in the mail below. We would be more than happy to review some stuff (but we don’t guarantee that we will like it).

CONTACT US: talktous@indieisdead.com


Also, this blog started the 24th of March 2016.

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