Juna Kainuuseen by Litku Klemetti


When I went to check the top charts of the lo-fi indie genre in RYM, I was surprised that a damn Finnish album was sitting in the top of the year spot. When was the last time that YOU listened to a Finnish album? Huh? Never? Damn… Well, I have only listened to like two Finnish records before this one, but I swear that this one will be a good one. It was released the 13th of January and the album cover is looking FRESH.

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VINE by Jen Gloecker

Jen Gloeckner - VINE - Cover art

VINE is Jen Gloeckner’s third album, which was released the 14th of april this year (2017). Jen comes from Dubuque, Iowa. I got this album on the INDIE IS DEAD mail like a month ago and I’m extremely guilty because I didn’t check the mail then haha. Now, I’m expecting some real good stuff from this record since this is how it is described in the sheet:

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 15.10.02.png


Well, what can I say?? Sign me up to this shit because I’m starting to get hyped. Let’s not waste more time, because here comes my review.

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This Old Dog by Mac Demarco


listen to this COOL ALBUM right here my dude

This is Mac Demarco’s 5th album, “This Old Dog”. It is to be released on May 5 but it has leaked. I really respect Mac, he is a great guy but this time curiosity won over me and I just HAD TO DOWNLOAD IT (I suspected it was gonna be a virus but it’s the real deal) How do albums even get leaked? How does that work? was it the RUSSIAN HACKERS?!?!?!

ok that was pretty stupid

anyways let’s review this bad boy, sorry mac

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Ständut Black by Chicagojazzen

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 12.08.24.png

Chicagojazzen is the musical project of Erik Karlsson which he started back in 2007 (?) when he was 15 years. Since that he has released 13 other releases. He lives super north in the country (Umeå), so there might be chances of some COLD STUFF. While it is supposed to be his solo project, this album was made with 13 other musicians, so I will be expecting some real experimental shit. Enough with the chit chat, let’s get some grub going.

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Nitemare by Simon Cameron Fletcher


Now here’s kind of an obscure album. It was released the 17th January this year (2017 if you are currently reading this on the future) by Simon Cameron Fletcher. In the bandcamp page it says that the songs were recorded in 2012. I’ve listened to his demos album (this one) and I really liked it. Apparently all songs are written by the man himself, Lou Barlow. Does that mean this is a cover album? I wanted to listen to this one because I think the cover is really pretty.

Anyways why don’t we just go ahead and review? Listen to it here. Also, please try to buy it!

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Life Will See You Now by Jens Lekman REVIEW


The 17th of February, Jens Lekman released his new record “Life Will See You Now”. It has been getting lots of attention since it’s his first album to be released after 2012’s “I Know What Love Isn’t. I’ve already some people call it ALBUM OF THE YEAR. But does the record itself come to the levels of the hype? Let’s find out.

Before I start, I want to say that this will be my first Jens Lekman album ever. It seems like he already had some kind of fanbase, so he can’t be that bad, right? Also found out that he’s Swedish, so that’s cool too.

Now, this record must be one of the comfiest things that I’ve heard so far. Will he get mad at me if I say that his music reminds me a lot of Belle & Sebastian would meet some kind of batshit dance party band? It’s just fun all around, the whole time.

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Arrayed Above the Seraphim Lights by Even Oxen


Before I start this review, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this album. I will explain why later on. It was released last year (2016 if you are from the future) and it has quickly become one of my favourite albums ever. Bersain is not only a genius, but genuinely a nice person. This is his first full lenght album, he released an EP back in 2015 (which was really good, but not as good as this one)

You can listen to it here and buy it in casette in here.

So let’s review this, shall we? It’s going to be track-by-track but not in the way I usually do it

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Searchlights by Dot Dash REVIEW


Searchlights is the fifth album by Washington, DC based band Dot Dash. They describe themselves as a post-punk pop band. The idea of post-punk pop sounds pretty intriguing to me, so I decided to check it out.

The album kicks off with Dumb Entertainment, a song that reminds me of old timey rock n roll. The bassline at the beginning was pretty damn good too. As an opener, it kind of gives you a feeling of what these guys are all about. This album in general presents very memorable lyrics. Although I have to disagree that these guys are post-punk, I would describe them more as a garage rock stuff with some incredible pop punk vibes in some moments (like in Crumbs and Searchlights).

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Däggdjur by Säkert!


Before I start this review, I wanted to apologize for the lack of reviews in the last couple months. We are going to post more from now on, I promise!

Anyways, this album is “Däggdjur” (Mammal) by Säkert! (Sure!/Surely!). It was released the 3rd of February this year (2017 if you are reading this in the future) I’ve been quite hyped for this album, I listened to the single “Snooza” when it came out and I absolutely loved it. I’m definitely going to talk more about that song later, but first of all, let’s listen to the album! (I’m still doing track by track reviews because it’s the most fun, I don’t know if it’s fun to read though. Next review might as well be “normal”)

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